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ZAGGfolio, the iPad 2 Folio, Stand and Keyboard All-In-One

ZAGGfolio, the iPad 2 Folio, Stand and Keyboard All-In-One

Thin, durable and featuring a stylish design, ZAGGfolio almost seems too good to be true. What specifically makes me say this? Maybe the fact that the removable keyboard has such a comfortable key spacing that it makes typing more comfortable and faster. Maybe the total iPad protection, from its beautifully rounded corners to the smallest port. Or maybe the intuitive built-in stand which can be used inside or outside the folio cover. ZAGG folio promises to really make a difference in the world of iPad 2 accessories.

What makes ZAGGfolio the ideal All-in-One iPad 2 companion


ZAGGfolio for iPad 2 has built-in stand and removable keyboard

ZAGGfolio for iPad 2 has built-in stand and removable keyboard

ZAGGfolio has everything it needs to turn your iPad 2 into a laptop in terms of functionality and convenience, without transforming it into a less portable, bulky device. The folio is made from carbon fiber with microfiber lining. It is impressively thin, it has a stylish design and it weighs only 7.5 ounces. It’s hard to guess that this iPad folio hides a built-in stand and a removable bluetooth keyboard. Together with the keyboard, ZAGGfolio weighs 19 ounces.

The keyboard can be paired with only one iPad at a time. However, you can switch to another one or to any other Bluetooth capable device very easily. Pairing needs to be done only once, in the beginning. After that, paired devices automatically recognize each other.

The cool part is that you can take either the keyboard or the iPad out of the folio and they still stay connected to each other. Removing them from the carbon fiber outer shell is very easy. If you like the naked look ZAGGmate has, you can enjoy it with the new ZAGGfolio, too. This is possible because the Bluetooth keyboard works as a stand alone iPad dock. Additionally, you’ll benefit from total protection of the iPad 2 and of the keyboard. This was something ZAGGmate didn’t offer: the back of both devices was exposed to wear and scratches.

The carbon fiber case is thin, yet durable

The carbon fiber case is thin, yet durable

ZAGGfolio was designed with flexibility in mind. The keyboard works with the iPad 2 in either landscape or portrait orientation. The rechargeable battery that powers the keyboard lasts for weeks between two charges. You can lengthen the battery life if you remember to turn off the keyboard when not in use. If you don’t need the keyboard for some specific meeting or trip, you can leave it at home and use the ZAGGfolio as a carrying case for your iPad 2.

The top row of keys on the ZAGGfolio keyboard have special functions that enable quick access to most-used commands:

  • Home – displays the home screen
  • Search – activates iPad 2 search screen
  • Slideshow – activates a slideshow of your saved pictures
  • Virtual keyboard – toggles between hiding and showing on-screen keyboard
  • Lock – makes the screen go black; pressed again, it reverts to the initial display
  • International Keyboard – toggles between international keyboards; the keyboard layout is U.S.
  • Other function keys: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo
  • Music function keys: Previous track, Next track ,Play/Pause, Volume down, Volume up, Mute

ZAGGfolio costs $99,99. It is expected to ship by July 21st. Meanwhile, you can pre-order yours on the ZAGG website. They say quantities are limited. I tend not to believe this, but I like it so much that I secured mine, just in case it’s really a limited release.

ZAGGfolio, iPad 2 Cover, Stand and Keyboard All-In-One, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating