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Do you want to avoid this?

Do you want to avoid this?

Are you excited about your new iPad 2? Aren’t you a bit worried that you might scratch it before you get a protective film? Screen protectors made for the first generation of iPads won’t fit the iPad 2, so you’ll need to get one that has been designed specifically for the new iPad.

You can order your iPad 2 Invisible Shield from ZAGG right now and have it delivered in as little as 1-2 business days.

ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for iPad 2 comes in four coverage options:

  • Full Body Maximum Coverage for $39.99. This is the ultimate protection, covering all exposed areas of the iPad 2, the perfect solution for protection nerds. The application is a bit challenging, but the reward is worth the trouble.
  • Full Body Easy Install for $39.99. This is the most popular option. It offers protection for the screen and for the back of the device and it is very easy to apply.
  • Front Coverage for $29.99
  • Back Coverage for $29.99 – This is an excellent choice for using together with Apple’s Smart Covers, as it will cover and protect the back of your iPad without spoiling its looks.

The Invisible Shield for iPad 2 is made from the same military grade patented material that protected more than 17 million other devices since the day it was made available by ZAGG.

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