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iPad Audio: Orb Mod1 Speakers - Amplifier Combo

Orb Mod1 Speakers - Amplifier Combo

Playing music directly from the audio library on your iPad, laptop or iPod is very convenient, yet most computer speakers don’t deliver a reasonable quality sound. It seems that small, powerful and inexpensive can’t coexist in the same speakers, so you have to decide which of these three features you’re willing to give up.

Most audiophiles will be willing to close their eyes on the price and choose a brand name surround sound system.
However, we’ve just made a great discovery; the Orb Mod1 speakers and amplifier combo. This setup is not cheap either, but it costs significantly less than a similar system from Bose orĀ  Infinity. They are also very small – smaller in diameter than a CD as can be seen in the image below (click for large image):

Orb Speakers

Orb Speakers - Smaller than a CD

Upon plugging this speaker combo in we were rewarded with home theater quality sound, and all delivered via the Orbs tiny sound system.

All Orb Audio systems are made from premium, quality components and they are manually assembled in the USA by highly skilled technicians. The outcome is so good that Orb Audio will not only give a 5 year limited warranty on all speakers, but they will also allow their customers to enjoy a 30 day home trial of their sound systems, as well as free lifetime technical support.

OPI Audio Amplifier

OPI Audio Amplifier

Back to our iPad audio system, here are the technical details of the amplifier:

  • Class: Audiophile Generation 2 Class T by OPI Audio
  • Peak output: 15W
  • Power supply: both 110V and 220/240V


  • Stereo mini input with compatible cable
  • Stereo RCA input adapters

Either you opt for Orb Mod1 speakers or you decide to upgrade to Orb Mod2, you’ll enjoy stunning quality sound coming from an audio system that will look great in most home or office interior setups.

The Orb Mod1/Mod2 speakers and amplifier combo falls in the $300 price range and can be found on the Orb website.