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iPad Car Charger from Gomadic

iPad Car Charger from Gomadic

UPDATE: this item is currently sold out. We are going to let you know when it will become available again.

We never seem to have enough gadgets. There’s always room for the new iPad from Apple, a better iPod or a mobile phone from a newer generation. Conversely, we soon find ourselves overwhelmed with chargers for all those cool devices: an iPad car charger, iPad wall charger, mobile phone car charger, mobile phone wall charger, USB charger, the “you name it, I’ve got it” charger, and so on. We sure do need a lot of drawers to keep all these organized.

The car and home 2 in 1 combo iPad charger helps to save a lot of space because it combines one rapid car charger and one rapid wall charger together into a compact design based on the Gomadics TipExchange technology. This means with Gomadic’s interchangeable tips you can potentially use this charger with all your devices.

The charger supports AC voltages between 100V and 240V, at frequencies ranging 50-60 HZ, thus matching most countries’ power supply standards. This is great boon for international travelers.

Gomadic Charger Plug Heads

The supported DC voltage range is 12V – 24V, therefore the charger can be used with any standard car cigarette lighter outlet. The output current of 1000 mAh allows for a very rapid charge, which is excellent, as one doesn’t have to wait ages to have their iPad ready to go.

Some may fear rapid charging may harm their device, but with this combo iPad charger you don’t have to worry, because it incorporates an advanced internal circuitry especially dsigned to protect against power surges, short-circuits or overcharging.

The cable length is only 41 inches, which is rather short in our opinion. However, extension cords are easy to find and inexpensive, so we don’t see this as a major inconvenience. Besides, when using it as a car charger, it could even be better to have a shorter cable, so it doesn’t interfere with your driving.

The conversion from car charger to wall charger is easily done by unfolding the two AC outlet power pins located on the compact base of the device. Thanks to the Gomadic TipExchange, this combo charger can be used for virtually any electric device that needs to be charged. All you need is a suitable tip for each device. The standard charger comes with the iPad tip, so you’ll have to order other tips separately if you intend to use it with your other gadgets.

The Gomadic Car and Home Combo iPad charger is available on Amazon for the price of $27.95.