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Cloak Case Side View

Cloak Case Side View

How many times have you bought a product, and then thought to yourself “I could have designed this better if I had the chance!”

This thought is even more frequent when it comes to the accessories we buy, especially when we notice afterwards that they either don’t fit well, make our original item look dull, or inhibit the use of our much loved gadget.

However, we still need accessories for products like the new Apple iPad. Apple’s new tablet computer is just great, but it comes without a case to protect it, leaving us at the mercy of iPad accessories manufacturers, who may or may not invest enough money and time in asking consumers what features they’d like to see in their products.

Cloak Undercover: an iPad Case Designed by Your Next Door Neighbor (And You!)

Cloak Case - Front/Back View

Cloak Case - Front/Back View

Cloak Undercover is not just an ordinary iPad case. Not only has it been designed with the consumer in mind, but it has been designed by an actual iPad user, and its features have been influenced by many other ordinary people just like you and me, who had the chance to give their vote for what they wanted to find in their iPad case. This was possible thanks to Quirky, an innovative site that helps ordinary people bring their product ideas to life with the help of a community of users who choose to involve themselves in all stages of the production process. The result? Great products based on genius ideas, products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cloak Undercover is one of these creations. It’s a sleek yet sturdy protection case for your iPad made from non-slip rubber and featuring a sturdy friction grip.

cloak ipad  case

The "Cloak" Case - From Quirky

Thanks to an ingenious idea of a support brace located on the inside cover, Cloak Undercover can be easily adapted for portrait or landscape use of the iPad. When used in the landscape mode, the viewing angle can be adjusted thanks to a button on the hinge. There are several preset angles and the case is locked into the desired position by a simple click mechanism.

Sleek, and resembling an office folder, Cloak provides open access to all ports on your iPad, so you don’t need to take it off when using the it with your iPad accessories. The Cloak is available on Quirky’s website.

The Coolest iPad Case: Cloak Undercover, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings