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ZAGGmate becomes Logitech Keyboard Case

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG is the new name of ZAGGmate, winner of the Macworld Expo 2011 Best of Show. Just shortly after releasing the new ZAGGmate for iPad 2, ZAGG signed an exclusive master license and distribution agreement with Logitech, as announced in a press release by Logitech: The Logitech Keyboard Case has been developed in partnership with ZAGG (NASDAQ: ZAGG), a market leader in providing innovative mobile device accessories. The two companies have entered into an agreement that provides Logitech with exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the ZAGGmate™ case design for the iPad2 and other tablets. According to […]

Do you want to avoid this?

Are you excited about your new iPad 2? Aren’t you a bit worried that you might scratch it before you get a protective film? Screen protectors made for the first generation of iPads won’t fit the iPad 2, so you’ll need to get one that has been designed specifically for the new iPad. You can order your iPad 2 Invisible Shield from ZAGG right now and have it delivered in as little as 1-2 business days. ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for iPad 2 comes in four coverage options: Full Body Maximum Coverage for $39.99. This is the ultimate protection, covering all exposed […]


Digital music is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Enjoying it on the go has become widely accessible, as there are lots of gadgets which can play music and which have enough storage space to let you take your whole music library with you. Although some mobile gadgets may have speakers, there are situations in which it is preferable to keep your music to yourself, so a good pair of headphones is a must. However, good quality headphones are usually expensive and big. For instance, you may not be comfortable wearing them while jogging or while traveling by […]

I love my mobile gadgets because I can enjoy them wherever I go. Be it on the beach or on the top of the mountains, it feels good to know that I can connect with my friends on Twitter or Facebook, or that I can read and answer my emails. Well, I can enjoy all these as long as the batteries last, which sometimes is not quite as long as I’d wish. I know carrying a replacement battery is one solution, but that’s far from ideal. Spare batteries are usually expensive and besides, I don’t want to carry a bag […]


UPDATE! The InvisibleShield is now available for the iPad 2. You should order yours here, but please look carefully at the options and choose whether you want the Easy Installation or Full Protection. It defaults to easy installation. Have you ordered your iPad yet? If so, what’s the next thing that pops into your mind? an iPad screen protector perhaps? If it is not high on your list of priorities it probably should be. One of our main concerns whenever we get a brand new slick gadget like the iPad, is how to protect it against scratches and normal wear […]