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List of the coolest Macally

Macally Bookstand Protection iPad Case

Did you know that an iPad owner spends an average of 20% more than the base iPad price on accessories? I don’t remember where I read that, but thinking of what I bought so far, the statistic seems close to reality. The fact is that once you spend so much on a gadget like the iPad, you then want to take very good care of it, so it’s understandable to think one would buy at least a case and a screen protector. Then it comes the ease of use. It’s great the iPad is so thin, but try to type […]

Macally Charger

USB chargers are cool because they allow you to charge your electronic devices by simply connecting then to your computer. What if your computer is not around and you need to charge your iPad or your iPhone, or worse, you have to charge them both? Or what if your computer doesn’t have a USB plug you can spare for a few hours to charge your iPad? It’s no big deal, you can always use the wall charging cables, provided that you have them with you at the time. I thought how nice it would have been to find a way […]