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List of the coolest iPad Travel Cases


There are so many iPad cases, sleeves, skins and bags that one could spend ages trying to figure out the best choice. I don’t know about others, but I can tell you the best choice for me is to buy more of them, then match them to the occasion. For instance, if I went to a business meeting, I’d dress my iPad in the best fine leather case I could find. On the other hand, for a simple meeting with friends or for my travels I’d get a lighter and more protective cover like this bubble sleeve from Hard Candy […]

Simplism Leather Case Detail View

UPDATE: This case is currently sold out in brown, but is available in red at Amazon. If you, or your partner, already has a collection of bags, then you probably don’t want to buy another one for your iPad. Perhaps instead you would rather invest in an exquisite case. Well now you can have both! Take a closer look at this beautiful iPad bag and case in one, from Simplism Leather Collection. The case features a detachable strap that allows you to also wear it as a shoulder bag. It offers the protection and functionality of a case, combined with […]

Folio iPad Case

One of the most appealing features of the iPad is its portability. If  you are using your iPad while traveling, either for business meetings or to showcase your creative portfolio, then you will need a case that allows you to not only keep your iPad protected, but will also let you present it in style while keeping essential items at hand such as business cards, pens and good old-fashioned paper documents. The Traveler from Case-Mate is a high quality iPad case made from real felt and leather. It’s a great looking folio style case, featuring storage pockets and a magnetic […]