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iPad Stands - In Depth Reviews Listed Chronologically

6 Sporty i-Colors

Last year we covered the elegant and beautiful Joule from Element Case. A beautiful iPad stand, and so simple it its design. This year Element Case is back with a revamped Joule, a redesigned stand for the iPad 2. It’s called Joule Chroma, and this year it comes in 6 apple flavored colors. It also sports a vent for your iPad 2’s audio output, which they claim ‘amplifies’ the sound. I’m more inclined to think of this as a small breathing hole for your iPad 2’s speakers – I wouldn’t say it amplifies, but it suffocates it a little less […]


Los Angeles based designer William Tang is trying to drum up funding for his birch and leather iPad 2 stand. It’s a folding V-shaped wooden stand that can be used to present your iPad in either portrait or landscape. Hinge also has a hinge mechanism (surprise, surprise) that enables it to fold shut. When folded it is so small you can easily fit it in your pocket. Nifty. William Tang is currently trying to raise enough capital to get his stand design into production. If you are interested you can pledge anything from $1 upwards to get his iPad 2 […]

Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand / Case for iPad 2

Targus are sending us one of these, unfortunately it has not arrived yet so we can’t give you the full “hands on” review. However, we thought it would be good to do a quick roundup of the features, as so many of you have written in with requests for more iPad 2 case reviews. We’re checking our mail box almost hourly, so don’t worry, as soon as they arrive you will be the first to know. We promise! Like many other iPad 2 accessories, the Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand / Case is specifically designed to match the new shape […]

The Venture Reptile used as stand

Do you care about animals but still enjoy nice quality leather goods? If you do, you must check out the new Venture Reptile iPad case. It looks like lizard skin, but it’s faux leather. It’s so cool that we don’t need to kill animals to make wallets, book covers, iPad covers and other similar stuff! Like all other cases in Case-Mate’s Venture line, the Reptile offers good protection for the iPad, thanks to the Velcro tab and snap button closure. The case features an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell padded with a soft, velvety material. The protective hard shell makes […]

ZAGGmate iPad keyboard

Update: ZAGGmate is now available for iPad 2; slimmer, sexier, and still the best case on the market for your iPad. You should get yours from ZAGG while stocks last. Why would I buy a keyboard for my iPad? This is a question more than a few iPad owners have asked themselves. The answer can be anything from “I wouldn’t!” to “I need it for faster and error-free typing”. While most heavy iPad users acknowledge a physical keyboard is better than the built in virtual one, they also agree that carrying an external keyboard around with them is completely impractical. […]

Macally Bookstand Protection iPad Case

Did you know that an iPad owner spends an average of 20% more than the base iPad price on accessories? I don’t remember where I read that, but thinking of what I bought so far, the statistic seems close to reality. The fact is that once you spend so much on a gadget like the iPad, you then want to take very good care of it, so it’s understandable to think one would buy at least a case and a screen protector. Then it comes the ease of use. It’s great the iPad is so thin, but try to type […]

Small View - Stabile iPad Stand

The Stabile iPad Stand is a beautiful and elegant way to use your iPad when your hands are busy doing other things. It’s also a stylish way to display your iPad as a designer object around the home or office. You could set it up with a slideshow of images for example and seat it on your dresser. And it is also complimented very nicely by the Apple iPad wireless keyboard, as seen in the image to the right. If you want to grab a Stabile iPad stand right now then the lowest price we could find was on Amazon, […]


I found an indispensable gadget last week that I’m now using every day – not just with my iPad, but for books too. I carry it everywhere with me as it folds away to almost nothing – it’s called the BookGem and it’s a beautifully designed stand for your iPad, book, or anything else you may be reading. If you are like me, you enjoy taking advantage of¬†highly specialized gadgets like the Kindle or iPad that other people regard as almost useless. “Why use the Amazon Kindle when you can read e-books on your good old laptop? Why get an […]


The Joule iPad stand from Element Case is a beautiful work of art in itself. Its unique design, its high-quality materials, its exquisite finishes are attributes that make it worthy of any interior design setting, no matter how stylish and expensive it may be. The base cylinder of the stand, though slim and elegant, is heavy enough to provide¬† solid support for the iPad. It features a soft velvet lining inside, so that it won’t harm your iPad in any way. The base has a nicely rounded cutout in the middle, enabling access to the iPad’s Home button. The Joule […]


This is a very quick visual guide showing how to make an iPad stand from its own packaging. It’s a great thing to do as you are recycling the packaging, and it won’t cost you a penny. Thanks to Ian Collins for coming up with this ingenious idea.