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iPad Skins - In Depth Reviews Listed Chronologically

Airplanes by Alice X. Zhang

Society 6 is an online store which sells artwork created by artists from all around the world. Artwork is available as art prints, stretched canvases, iPhone hard cases or skins, laptop and iPad skins, T-shirts and hoodies. Skins are made from an easy-to-apply, latest generation 3M material which eliminates air bubbles. In order to avoid waste, all Society 6 products are produced only on-demand. Shipping is done via DHL, within three business days from the time you place the order. International shipping is available, but buyers need to be aware that all import duties and taxes are their responsibility and […]

Battlestar by PhilipStraub

Gelaskins have released a range of new skins designed for the iPad 2. If you are looking to differentiate yourself from other iPad 2 owners, then there really isn’t a better way to stand out from the crowd. These skins also offer excellent scratch protection for your new iPad, and are fully compatible with the new Smart Cover from Apple. One of the things we just love about Gelaskins is they also provide a matching iPad wallpaper background image with your skin purchase. After applying the skin and wallpaper your device will be fully dressed and ready to party. Check […]

iPad Skin: Smiling Dolphin

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to spoiling myself with a new gadget, I always like to make it feel like it’s mine, I like to customize it, to make it unique. In short, I like to be able to tell my iPad from a thousand others at a glance. Speaking of the iPad, most cases available on the market aren’t customizable, so one needs to be content with whatever designs he or she can find. I’m not saying that they are ugly, I’m just saying they aren’t unique. While looking for something to “tattoo” my new […]


Update: See our new review, GelaSkins – Skins for the iPad 2 One of the coolest benefits brought by modern technology is that we can enjoy fine art without needing to spend a lot of money on a house full of paintings. I’m not talking here about the subway graffiti or about artistic tattoos, although they can also be considered modern art forms. I’m talking about common gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, or the new kid on the block, Apple’s iPad. All these can be customized to match their owner’s personality and style, to express a mood or […]


UPDATE! The InvisibleShield is now available for the iPad 2. You should order yours here, but please look carefully at the options and choose whether you want the Easy Installation or Full Protection. It defaults to easy installation. Have you ordered your iPad yet? If so, what’s the next thing that pops into your mind? an iPad screen protector perhaps? If it is not high on your list of priorities it probably should be. One of our main concerns whenever we get a brand new slick gadget like the iPad, is how to protect it against scratches and normal wear […]

Clear Armor

How would you feel knowing that your new iPad had the same kind of protection that was used by the army for protecting their Apache helicopter blades? No matter how careful one may be, accidents happen, that’s a fact of life. Getting an ugly scratch or two on your brand new iPad in the first month of using it doesn’t sound too good, especially if you’ve made a few financial sacrifices to afford your iPad in the first place. Take it from me – I never drop things, but a few years ago I dropped my brand new Blackberry when […]