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List of the coolest iPad Keyboards


ZAGG have released another great new product, the ZAGGkeys Solo Bluetooth iPad Keyboard. ZAGG have built a reputation on building great accessories for the iPad; The ZAGGmate, now known as the Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2, was probably the most popular iPad case on the market last year. The sleek design was manufactured to the same look, feel and quality standard as an Apple product. Consequently it sold like hot cakes. They also retailed a ZAGGmate case without a keyboard for those who wanted it. Now ZAGG are back, and this time they have the keyboard without […]


If the iPad virtual keyboard is not your thing, don’t give your iPad away just yet… There is still hope and its name is Apple Wireless Keyboard. Beautiful and sleek, like all Apple products, this thin and compact keyboard takes less space on your desk than ordinary keyboards, while ridding you of all those tangled wires which seem to never be the correct length. Here are a few features that we believe make the Apple wireless keyboard superior to its competitors, and the best choice to complement your iPad: Good action range: the keyboard works even at 30 feet distance […]