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Complete List of iPad Charger Reviews


I don’t know why ordinary electronics accessories have to be plain ugly. It’s obvious that an iPad car charger will charge my iPad regardless of its looks, but why can’t I enjoy both functionality and design at the same time? Well iFrogz seem to have read my mind and have gone ahead and created the Luxe Voltz car charger for iPad and other gadgets that can be charged via USB. This charger is so cute that I can’t take my eyes of it. I hope I won’t cause a car accident! The two-tone finish is awesome. One side is dark […]

I love my mobile gadgets because I can enjoy them wherever I go. Be it on the beach or on the top of the mountains, it feels good to know that I can connect with my friends on Twitter or Facebook, or that I can read and answer my emails. Well, I can enjoy all these as long as the batteries last, which sometimes is not quite as long as I’d wish. I know carrying a replacement battery is one solution, but that’s far from ideal. Spare batteries are usually expensive and besides, I don’t want to carry a bag […]

iPad Car Charger from Gomadic

UPDATE: this item is currently sold out. We are going to let you know when it will become available again. We never seem to have enough gadgets. There’s always room for the new iPad from Apple, a better iPod or a mobile phone from a newer generation. Conversely, we soon find ourselves overwhelmed with chargers for all those cool devices: an iPad car charger, iPad wall charger, mobile phone car charger, mobile phone wall charger, USB charger, the “you name it, I’ve got it” charger, and so on. We sure do need a lot of drawers to keep all these […]

Macally Charger

USB chargers are cool because they allow you to charge your electronic devices by simply connecting then to your computer. What if your computer is not around and you need to charge your iPad or your iPhone, or worse, you have to charge them both? Or what if your computer doesn’t have a USB plug you can spare for a few hours to charge your iPad? It’s no big deal, you can always use the wall charging cables, provided that you have them with you at the time. I thought how nice it would have been to find a way […]