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Accessories for iPad and iPad 2 - Listed Chronologically

Squish Case - Awesome iPad Case

Did I hear you say Drop-Proof ???  Well it almost is, in the words of the designer, David Adams: “We modeled the Squish Skin after a Wii remote case. Your iPad still isn’t drop-proof, but it’s close” And the entire team here couldn’t agree more; after I personally put my Pad into this case it felt almost indestructable. Short of intentionally throwing my iPad on the floor to test if this were true, I am happy to say that with the Squish Skin on the iPad, it certainly feels like it would withstand a drop from table height. So on […]

iPad Flight Jacket - vintage leather

Comfort, protection and style are only three attributes of the MacCase Leather iPad Flight Jacket. If you’re after iPad cases or bags with pockets for accessories and small personal items, this case might be exactly what you want. Sleek, compact and very well organized, this premium leather iPad case enables easy access to anything inside. The main compartment is designed to accommodate the iPad exclusively. It’s padded, lined and custom designed for the iPad, therefore it offers excellent protection. The two interior pockets are placed just in front of the main compartment and they are perfect for a mobile phone […]


In our opinion the Speck CandyShell is one of the best iPad cases in terms of protection against shocks, bumps or accidental drops. That’s because it’s constructed with two layers: a hard polycarbonate shell on the exterior, coupled with an interior soft rubber lining which provides excellent shock-absorbing properties. This soft rubbery lining extends as a raised bezel around the iPad screen, protecting it against contact with flat surfaces, and possible scratches, should you put your iPad face down. We thought this feature was nice, although we still think an iPad screen protector is essential for scratch protection. The lining […]

MacCase iPad sleeve - brown weathered leather

The beautiful MacCase Vintage Leather iPad Sleeve is made from premium weathered leather which makes it look and feel vintage. It seems to have been designed this way intentionally for people who want to protect their iPad in style, while still maintaining a wintage wor look. The stitching is very nicely done and overall the case is beautifully constructed, we also thought the “Dual Texture” design was very elegant, as can be see pictured. The MacCase logo is discreetly embossed just below the top flap, on the thin vertical strap. The sleeve is fully padded and lined with a super […]


You don’t have to be a heavy iPad user to realize that the most exposed areas are the corners and the back. After using iPads for several months now, we came to the conclusion that at least a hard-shell case is a must have if you don’t want your iPad to get its back worn very quickly. The iFrogz Luxe Lean snap-on iPad case is a great choice, a hard shell case with a soft feel and with a really low profile, protective and fashionable. The case is very comfortable thanks to its nice velvety texture that offers an excellent […]

Temple Leather iPad Case

Temple bags are not like any other bags. They are bags with a story, bags manufactured with love, bags that are “prepared for whatever may come when attached to a life filled with passion and adventure”, as their creator says. Indeed, these are bags with a purpose, and we are going to show you one of these bags which has the purpose of protecting your beautiful and not-so-cheap iPad: the Temple All Leather iPad case. Keep in mind this is a beautiful and finely crafted product that currently retails for $189. We think it’s worth every penny, however  if you […]


I don’t know why ordinary electronics accessories have to be plain ugly. It’s obvious that an iPad car charger will charge my iPad regardless of its looks, but why can’t I enjoy both functionality and design at the same time? Well iFrogz seem to have read my mind and have gone ahead and created the Luxe Voltz car charger for iPad and other gadgets that can be charged via USB. This charger is so cute that I can’t take my eyes of it. I hope I won’t cause a car accident! The two-tone finish is awesome. One side is dark […]


Speck Pixekskin is a soft iPad case made from a high-quality textured silicone. The “pixel” texture of this case is a clever way to improve protection without adding a lot of bulk. Yet, one needs to keep in mind that it’s not exactly “invisible”. It also adds a “cool” factor which makes this case more appealing than plain silicone ones. The high-quality material snugly embraces the iPad while offering a firm grip to the user. Our team found it really nice and comfortable to hold the iPad while inside the Pixelskin case. One of our fears was that it would […]

Macally Bookstand Protection iPad Case

Did you know that an iPad owner spends an average of 20% more than the base iPad price on accessories? I don’t remember where I read that, but thinking of what I bought so far, the statistic seems close to reality. The fact is that once you spend so much on a gadget like the iPad, you then want to take very good care of it, so it’s understandable to think one would buy at least a case and a screen protector. Then it comes the ease of use. It’s great the iPad is so thin, but try to type […]

The Venture - iPad Case and Stand

Most active people would agree that the best iPad cases are those which can also convert into an iPad stand. When you’re always on the go it is very important that the stuff you carry with you is highly functional and as light as possible. This is why a solution like The Venture is ideal, because it offers you an elegant protective, and lightweight iPad cover coupled with a sturdy stand that enables you to type on the virtual keyboard, read e-books while you’re cooking, watch movies, or even give a presentation on your iPad. Here are a few of  […]