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List of the coolest Hard Candy Cases


The Street Skin from Hard Candy Cases is one of the first cases adapted for iPad 2. As far as I’ve seen, it is also the first case to make use of magnets, apart from Apple’s Smart Cover. Like the previous version, the Street Skin for iPad 2 provides full access to all ports and controls. This includes both cameras, so you don’t have to worry whether or not you’ll need to remove the case to use FaceTime. The skin is made from form-fitting TPU rubber, which is less stretchy than silicone, and an excellent shock absorber. TPU rubber provides […]


We’ve chosen to review the HardShell iPad case today because it comes with a novelty that we found very useful: two hidden feet that fold out offering support for an optimal typing angle. Although this is a really cool feature, it’s not the only one that made us recommend this iPad case. We also appreciated the sleek and minimalist design, the snap-on lid and the perfect compatibility with other iPad accessories such as the Apple iPad Dock. Docking the iPad with the case on was a challenge for the first generation of iPad cases, the official one from Apple included. […]

Squish Case - Awesome iPad Case

Did I hear you say Drop-Proof ??? ¬†Well it almost is, in the words of the designer, David Adams: “We modeled the Squish Skin after a Wii remote case. Your iPad still isn’t drop-proof, but it’s close” And the entire team here couldn’t agree more; after I personally put my Pad into this case it felt almost indestructable. Short of intentionally throwing my iPad on the floor to test if this were true, I am happy to say that with the Squish Skin on the iPad, it certainly feels like it would withstand a drop from table height. So on […]


There are so many iPad cases, sleeves, skins and bags that one could spend ages trying to figure out the best choice. I don’t know about others, but I can tell you the best choice for me is to buy more of them, then match them to the occasion. For instance, if I went to a business meeting, I’d dress my iPad in the best fine leather case I could find. On the other hand, for a simple meeting with friends or for my travels I’d get a lighter and more protective cover like this bubble sleeve from Hard Candy […]