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List of the coolest Case Mate Reviews

The Venture Reptile used as stand

Do you care about animals but still enjoy nice quality leather goods? If you do, you must check out the new Venture Reptile iPad case. It looks like lizard skin, but it’s faux leather. It’s so cool that we don’t need to kill animals to make wallets, book covers, iPad covers and other similar stuff! Like all other cases in Case-Mate’s Venture line, the Reptile offers good protection for the iPad, thanks to the Velcro tab and snap button closure. The case features an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell padded with a soft, velvety material. The protective hard shell makes […]

The Venture - iPad Case and Stand

Most active people would agree that the best iPad cases are those which can also convert into an iPad stand. When you’re always on the go it is very important that the stuff you carry with you is highly functional and as light as possible. This is why a solution like The Venture is ideal, because it offers you an elegant protective, and lightweight iPad cover coupled with a sturdy stand that enables you to type on the virtual keyboard, read e-books while you’re cooking, watch movies, or even give a presentation on your iPad. Here are a few of  […]

Express iPad Case

Backpackers and other people who travel intensively know how important it is to have their belongings protected while on the go. At the same time, being always on the move, they need to pack wisely if they don’t want to end up carrying too much bulky luggage around the world. Speaking of must-have gadgets, the iPad is excellent for staying in touch with your online friends while traveling. But like any other such device, the iPad is exposed to scratches and accidental drops, therefore a protective travel case is essential. As light packing and heavy, premium leather cases don’t go […]


If premium gadgets call for premium accessories, then the new Apple iPad surely deserves the best. I hate to compromise, and personally refuse to buy average quality cases, sleeves or bags. When I go looking for a premium case I look for the ultimate material that has style and durability: leather. So I set out to find a smooth, genuine leather case that would make my iPad proud to be owned by me, and preferably one that would not hurt the wallet! At least no too much, leather is never cheap. So I was very pleased then when I found The Walkabout. […]

Gelli iPad Case - Case Mate

In life we strive to be unique, our individuality is the coolest thing, and it’s what we take pride in. But how can we be unique and individual with our iPads, when everybody else who bought one got absolutely the same thing! The answer lies in a smart choice of accessories, cases and skins being the best example of how we can differentiate ourselves amongst the masses of iPad owners. Here are two very original designs that we fell in love with at first sight. The iPadGelli Kaleidoscope and the iPadGelli Checkmate. The difference between the two resides in the design […]

Folio iPad Case

One of the most appealing features of the iPad is its portability. If  you are using your iPad while traveling, either for business meetings or to showcase your creative portfolio, then you will need a case that allows you to not only keep your iPad protected, but will also let you present it in style while keeping essential items at hand such as business cards, pens and good old-fashioned paper documents. The Traveler from Case-Mate is a high quality iPad case made from real felt and leather. It’s a great looking folio style case, featuring storage pockets and a magnetic […]

Clear Armor

How would you feel knowing that your new iPad had the same kind of protection that was used by the army for protecting their Apache helicopter blades? No matter how careful one may be, accidents happen, that’s a fact of life. Getting an ugly scratch or two on your brand new iPad in the first month of using it doesn’t sound too good, especially if you’ve made a few financial sacrifices to afford your iPad in the first place. Take it from me – I never drop things, but a few years ago I dropped my brand new Blackberry when […]