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List of the coolest $50 – $100


UPDATE: Otterbox Defender is now available for iPad 2 as well. You can choose the Otterbox Defender for your iPad here. Otterbox Defender is one of the best iPad cases in terms of protection and functionality. Its innovative, award-winning design and its high-quality materials recommend Otterbox Defender as a heavy-duty, rugged iPad case for high-risk environments. We liked it very much that the solid protection didn’t obstruct the normal use of the iPad, everything being easily accessible. Even the dock connector can be accessed with the case on, thanks to a removable dock door. This enables docking the iPad without […]


The Booq Taipan Shadow S is one of our favorite bags and has rightfully made its way onto our list of best iPad bags. The style and functionality of this bag, combined with its superior manufacturing quality and reasonable price tag have earned this bag a 5 start rating from our team. The Taipan Shadow S is an iPad messenger bag which can accommodate the iPad, or a small notebook if you wish. Internal dimensions are 12.8” x 9.4” x 1.3”.  The bag looks very compact, but you’ll be surprised how much room there is inside for all your iPad […]

Small View - Stabile iPad Stand

The Stabile iPad Stand is a beautiful and elegant way to use your iPad when your hands are busy doing other things. It’s also a stylish way to display your iPad as a designer object around the home or office. You could set it up with a slideshow of images for example and seat it on your dresser. And it is also complimented very nicely by the Apple iPad wireless keyboard, as seen in the image to the right. If you want to grab a Stabile iPad stand right now then the lowest price we could find was on Amazon, […]


If the iPad virtual keyboard is not your thing, don’t give your iPad away just yet… There is still hope and its name is Apple Wireless Keyboard. Beautiful and sleek, like all Apple products, this thin and compact keyboard takes less space on your desk than ordinary keyboards, while ridding you of all those tangled wires which seem to never be the correct length. Here are a few features that we believe make the Apple wireless keyboard superior to its competitors, and the best choice to complement your iPad: Good action range: the keyboard works even at 30 feet distance […]


Digital music is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Enjoying it on the go has become widely accessible, as there are lots of gadgets which can play music and which have enough storage space to let you take your whole music library with you. Although some mobile gadgets may have speakers, there are situations in which it is preferable to keep your music to yourself, so a good pair of headphones is a must. However, good quality headphones are usually expensive and big. For instance, you may not be comfortable wearing them while jogging or while traveling by […]

I love my mobile gadgets because I can enjoy them wherever I go. Be it on the beach or on the top of the mountains, it feels good to know that I can connect with my friends on Twitter or Facebook, or that I can read and answer my emails. Well, I can enjoy all these as long as the batteries last, which sometimes is not quite as long as I’d wish. I know carrying a replacement battery is one solution, but that’s far from ideal. Spare batteries are usually expensive and besides, I don’t want to carry a bag […]

Targus Leather iPad Slipcase

In our search for the perfect Leather iPad Case we’ve looked at a number of stylish and affordable options, and this one is no exception, The Targus Hughes is a very nice iPad slipcase, and it has certainly grabbed our attention. Key features we love about this iPad case: It’s very elegant, and lets you transport your iPad in style, no matter whether you are heading to a business meeting, or for a weekend away. It’s made of very high quality, natural leather (we know it’s natural because it has that wonderful leathery smell) and the color is close to, […]

Simplism Leather Case Detail View

UPDATE: This case is currently sold out in brown, but is available in red at Amazon. If you, or your partner, already has a collection of bags, then you probably don’t want to buy another one for your iPad. Perhaps instead you would rather invest in an exquisite case. Well now you can have both! Take a closer look at this beautiful iPad bag and case in one, from Simplism Leather Collection. The case features a detachable strap that allows you to also wear it as a shoulder bag. It offers the protection and functionality of a case, combined with […]


If premium gadgets call for premium accessories, then the new Apple iPad surely deserves the best. I hate to compromise, and personally refuse to buy average quality cases, sleeves or bags. When I go looking for a premium case I look for the ultimate material that has style and durability: leather. So I set out to find a smooth, genuine leather case that would make my iPad proud to be owned by me, and preferably one that would not hurt the wallet! At least no too much, leather is never cheap. So I was very pleased then when I found The Walkabout. […]

iPad Lap Desk

The iPad is so cool! We can now say goodbye to all those uncomfortable positions we experienced trying to use the laptop while laying in bed on those lazy afternoons. The iPad is so slim that you can hold it in your hand, as if reading a book. But wait! If using the iPad is just like reading a book, that’s not the most comfortable activity to do in bed either. My hands get tired, my shoulders and elbows get sore propping myself up. If you read in bed I’m sure you have had similar experiences. But now, the good […]