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List of the coolest $50 – $100

Grove iPad 2 case: bamboo body, ecological leather cover

  Wood is such a beautiful material, and we’ve seen some very innovative iPad cases made from wood in the past year. However, isn’t it a shame to cut down so many trees just to cover our iPads and iPhones in wood? We can do better than that. Grove did it. Instead of wood, they have created an amazing case using bamboo. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. It can grow as much in 5 years as other trees do in 100 years. This is one reason why the use of bamboo has become an increasing design trend in recent […]

Tuff-Luv Marrakesh Multi-View "Stasis" Series: Case Cover for Apple iPad 2

The Tuff-Luv Marrakesh iPad 2 case belongs to the Multi-View “Stasis” series and it is available on Amazon. “Stasis” is a feature which puts your iPad 2 to sleep automatically when you close the cover. Tuff-Luv implemented this feature in several iPad case models: Marrakesh, Tri-Axis Genuine Leather, Tri Axis Saddleback Leather, Natural Hemp and Veggie Leather. I’ve chosen the Marrakesh for today’s review because it’s probably the most cheerful iPad case I’ve seen so far. The combination of high-quality textiles and faux leather looks so exotic that it makes heads turn. There are two versions of the Tuff-Luv Marrakesh […]

The Kensington iPad2 keyboard folio has a slim profile

The iPad is one cool piece of technology. The iPad 2 is even cooler. However, the need for a real keyboard is still there, especially if you are fond of your typing speed. Luckily, there’s a new breed of iPad accessories, the folio case with Bluetooth keyboard. Not only are they protective, they also solve the problem of typing on your iPad. The Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Accessory Case for iPad 2 is a good choice, if you want something good-looking and durable. These are the features that make this folio case with keyboard worth its price: The case is made […]

Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand / Case for iPad 2

Targus are sending us one of these, unfortunately it has not arrived yet so we can’t give you the full “hands on” review. However, we thought it would be good to do a quick roundup of the features, as so many of you have written in with requests for more iPad 2 case reviews. We’re checking our mail box almost hourly, so don’t worry, as soon as they arrive you will be the first to know. We promise! Like many other iPad 2 accessories, the Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand / Case is specifically designed to match the new shape […]

iPad2 Smart Cover unfolding

UPDATE: You can get the Smart Cover from as low as $26 from Amazon. Thanks to Simon’s helpful comment below. The long-awaited iPad 2 is now available. Although the screen size is still 9.7”, the new iPad is slimmer and slightly smaller than its predecessor. Those of you who resisted the impulse of buying an iPad as Christmas present can have it now for the same price but with the new operating system from Apple, iOS4 and with lots of additional functions such as dual video cameras, gyroscope, HDMI video out and magnetic screen covers. The magnetic screen covers are […]

The Venture Reptile used as stand

Do you care about animals but still enjoy nice quality leather goods? If you do, you must check out the new Venture Reptile iPad case. It looks like lizard skin, but it’s faux leather. It’s so cool that we don’t need to kill animals to make wallets, book covers, iPad covers and other similar stuff! Like all other cases in Case-Mate’s Venture line, the Reptile offers good protection for the iPad, thanks to the Velcro tab and snap button closure. The case features an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell padded with a soft, velvety material. The protective hard shell makes […]


We’ve chosen to review the HardShell iPad case today because it comes with a novelty that we found very useful: two hidden feet that fold out offering support for an optimal typing angle. Although this is a really cool feature, it’s not the only one that made us recommend this iPad case. We also appreciated the sleek and minimalist design, the snap-on lid and the perfect compatibility with other iPad accessories such as the Apple iPad Dock. Docking the iPad with the case on was a challenge for the first generation of iPad cases, the official one from Apple included. […]

ZAGGmate iPad keyboard

Update: ZAGGmate is now available for iPad 2; slimmer, sexier, and still the best case on the market for your iPad. You should get yours from ZAGG while stocks last. Why would I buy a keyboard for my iPad? This is a question more than a few iPad owners have asked themselves. The answer can be anything from “I wouldn’t!” to “I need it for faster and error-free typing”. While most heavy iPad users acknowledge a physical keyboard is better than the built in virtual one, they also agree that carrying an external keyboard around with them is completely impractical. […]


We got a message from one of our readers, asking us to review the Crumpler iPad bag. This is how we discovered Crumpler The Moderate Embarrassment, a heavy-duty, water-resistant messenger bag, sized to accommodate the iPad plus a few accessories and personal belongings. The bag is ergonomic and comfortable, it has a nicely padded separate compartment for the iPad and plenty of pockets for other things. The iPad compartment size is 11.02” x 7.87” x 1.18” and can therefore fit the iPad either naked or in a thin hard shell case. There’s another Crumpler bag which also fits the iPad: […]

The Venture - iPad Case and Stand

Most active people would agree that the best iPad cases are those which can also convert into an iPad stand. When you’re always on the go it is very important that the stuff you carry with you is highly functional and as light as possible. This is why a solution like The Venture is ideal, because it offers you an elegant protective, and lightweight iPad cover coupled with a sturdy stand that enables you to type on the virtual keyboard, read e-books while you’re cooking, watch movies, or even give a presentation on your iPad. Here are a few of  […]