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List of the coolest $20 – $50

Scout iPad Messenger Bag - Front View

UPDATE: The Scout Extra Small fits both iPad and iPad 2. A small bag with padded interior compartments won’t offer too much room for anything else except for your iPad or netbook, a few pens and a couple more flat items such as a mobile phone and a notebook. However, when this is exactly what you want, there’s no reason to pay more for a bigger bag. For people who need to have their iPad handy when traveling, the Scout Extra Small iPad shoulder bag is the perfect choice. This casual bag is a perfect fit for the iPad, but […]

Tough Hybrid Case from CaseMate

Hybrid cases have been around for a while and they have quickly gained terrain, as active people always on the move appreciated the value of a really tough exterior shell combined with the shock-absorbing properties of the interior layer. These features, combined with the professional look and feel made the iPad Hybrid Tough case from Case-Mate a winner in the fight with rough environmental conditions. The iPad Hybrid Tough case provides dual layer protection. The inner layer is made of high-quality form fitting silicone which surrounds the device completely, thus absorbing eventual shocks it might be subject to while you’re […]

Scosche sneakPEAK Audio/Video Cable

One of the things I like about the iPad is that the screen is big enough to allow comfortable viewing of movies and music videos. This is how I pass time when traveling. However, when I get to my destination, I like to be able to watch my movies on the TV screen, therefore a decent audio/video cable was an iPad accessory I had near the top of my list since the very beginning. When it comes to transmitting video signal, going cheap is not a viable option. I’ve spent so much on cheap cables that never worked properly or […]

iPad Skin: Smiling Dolphin

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to spoiling myself with a new gadget, I always like to make it feel like it’s mine, I like to customize it, to make it unique. In short, I like to be able to tell my iPad from a thousand others at a glance. Speaking of the iPad, most cases available on the market aren’t customizable, so one needs to be content with whatever designs he or she can find. I’m not saying that they are ugly, I’m just saying they aren’t unique. While looking for something to “tattoo” my new […]


There are so many iPad cases, sleeves, skins and bags that one could spend ages trying to figure out the best choice. I don’t know about others, but I can tell you the best choice for me is to buy more of them, then match them to the occasion. For instance, if I went to a business meeting, I’d dress my iPad in the best fine leather case I could find. On the other hand, for a simple meeting with friends or for my travels I’d get a lighter and more protective cover like this bubble sleeve from Hard Candy […]

Express iPad Case

Backpackers and other people who travel intensively know how important it is to have their belongings protected while on the go. At the same time, being always on the move, they need to pack wisely if they don’t want to end up carrying too much bulky luggage around the world. Speaking of must-have gadgets, the iPad is excellent for staying in touch with your online friends while traveling. But like any other such device, the iPad is exposed to scratches and accidental drops, therefore a protective travel case is essential. As light packing and heavy, premium leather cases don’t go […]

iPad Car Charger from Gomadic

UPDATE: this item is currently sold out. We are going to let you know when it will become available again. We never seem to have enough gadgets. There’s always room for the new iPad from Apple, a better iPod or a mobile phone from a newer generation. Conversely, we soon find ourselves overwhelmed with chargers for all those cool devices: an iPad car charger, iPad wall charger, mobile phone car charger, mobile phone wall charger, USB charger, the “you name it, I’ve got it” charger, and so on. We sure do need a lot of drawers to keep all these […]

Messenger iPad Bag - Pocket Compartments

iPad cases are cool, they are a necessity and there’s no doubt about it. Yet a simple case without any straps to carry it, or protective padding to cushion our favorite gadget, means a case by itself is not always the best way to carry the iPad around. Girls have a slight advantage here, because they usually carry a handbag with them which is roomy enough to easily hold the iPad, and whatever else they need. Guys (and some Girls), may want a messenger bag, if they don’t intend to carry their bulky laptop briefcase around, especially in situations when […]

Macally Charger

USB chargers are cool because they allow you to charge your electronic devices by simply connecting then to your computer. What if your computer is not around and you need to charge your iPad or your iPhone, or worse, you have to charge them both? Or what if your computer doesn’t have a USB plug you can spare for a few hours to charge your iPad? It’s no big deal, you can always use the wall charging cables, provided that you have them with you at the time. I thought how nice it would have been to find a way […]

Gelli iPad Case - Case Mate

In life we strive to be unique, our individuality is the coolest thing, and it’s what we take pride in. But how can we be unique and individual with our iPads, when everybody else who bought one got absolutely the same thing! The answer lies in a smart choice of accessories, cases and skins being the best example of how we can differentiate ourselves amongst the masses of iPad owners. Here are two very original designs that we fell in love with at first sight. The iPadGelli Kaleidoscope and the iPadGelli Checkmate. The difference between the two resides in the design […]