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6 Sporty i-Colors

Last year we covered the elegant and beautiful Joule from Element Case. A beautiful iPad stand, and so simple it its design. This year Element Case is back with a revamped Joule, a redesigned stand for the iPad 2. It’s called Joule Chroma, and this year it comes in 6 apple flavored colors. It also sports a vent for your iPad 2’s audio output, which they claim ‘amplifies’ the sound. I’m more inclined to think of this as a small breathing hole for your iPad 2’s speakers – I wouldn’t say it amplifies, but it suffocates it a little less […]

iPad Flight Jacket - vintage leather

Comfort, protection and style are only three attributes of the MacCase Leather iPad Flight Jacket. If you’re after iPad cases or bags with pockets for accessories and small personal items, this case might be exactly what you want. Sleek, compact and very well organized, this premium leather iPad case enables easy access to anything inside. The main compartment is designed to accommodate the iPad exclusively. It’s padded, lined and custom designed for the iPad, therefore it offers excellent protection. The two interior pockets are placed just in front of the main compartment and they are perfect for a mobile phone […]

MacCase iPad sleeve - brown weathered leather

The beautiful MacCase Vintage Leather iPad Sleeve is made from premium weathered leather which makes it look and feel vintage. It seems to have been designed this way intentionally for people who want to protect their iPad in style, while still maintaining a wintage wor look. The stitching is very nicely done and overall the case is beautifully constructed, we also thought the “Dual Texture” design was very elegant, as can be see pictured. The MacCase logo is discreetly embossed just below the top flap, on the thin vertical strap. The sleeve is fully padded and lined with a super […]

Temple Leather iPad Case

Temple bags are not like any other bags. They are bags with a story, bags manufactured with love, bags that are “prepared for whatever may come when attached to a life filled with passion and adventure”, as their creator says. Indeed, these are bags with a purpose, and we are going to show you one of these bags which has the purpose of protecting your beautiful and not-so-cheap iPad: the Temple All Leather iPad case. Keep in mind this is a beautiful and finely crafted product that currently retails for $189. We think it’s worth every penny, however  if you […]


Playing music directly from the audio library on your iPad, laptop or iPod is very convenient, yet most computer speakers don’t deliver a reasonable quality sound. It seems that small, powerful and inexpensive can’t coexist in the same speakers, so you have to decide which of these three features you’re willing to give up. Most audiophiles will be willing to close their eyes on the price and choose a brand name surround sound system. However, we’ve just made a great discovery; the Orb Mod1 speakers and amplifier combo. This setup is not cheap either, but it costs significantly less than […]

Loop Bag Lime

A solid and very protective, yet lightweight bag is a must-have iPad accessory while you’re on the move. I think we’ve already covered why special bags are better than all purpose bags: basically it boils down to the protective walls and pads which keep your gadgets protected without adding a lot of additional weight to the bag. The Loopbag Transit iPad Case is actually a small and stylish bag made from a durable and waterproof material called Airguard. Unlike other waterproof bags, this one features waterproof coil zippers as well, so your belongings truly are protected from getting wet in […]

Incipio Destroyer Front

If protection is good, then triple protection is three times better. For tough people who want to be gentle with their gadgets, the Incipio Destroyer Overkill is the ultra protective iPad case featuring three defense layers for the ultimate protection against drops, bumps and scratches. The first defense layer is a silicone gel shock absorbing skin which secures the iPad in place, and which attenuates shocks. The second defense layer is made from Zytel, a hi-impact military grade nylon which is almost impossible to scratch, did I also mention it’s bulletproof? The third layer of protection targets the corners of […]