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Stabile, A very stable iPad Stand

Stabile, A very stable iPad Stand

The Stabile iPad Stand is a beautiful and elegant way to use your iPad when your hands are busy doing other things. It’s also a stylish way to display your iPad as a designer object around the home or office. You could set it up with a slideshow of images for example and seat it on your dresser. And it is also complimented very nicely by the Apple iPad wireless keyboard, as seen in the image to the right.

If you want to grab a Stabile iPad stand right now then the lowest price we could find was on Amazon, If you’re not convinced yet then read on for our review of the Stabile.

One of the things that is so cool about the Apple iPad is that browsing the web on the touch screen really feels like you hold the internet in your hand. However, if you could only ask your hand what it thinks about that, you might get a not so positive answer. Again, if you want to use the virtual keyboard, you may find it rather difficult to type while holding your iPad. There are lots of other situations in which an accessory like a stand or a holder is required to get the most out of your iPad. Think how nice it would be if you could have those cool recipes websites just under your nose while you cook.

While there are iPad cases that can also be used as a stand, we found some of them being quite unstable and wobbly, thus exposing the iPad to the risk of falling when you less expect it. Even the Apple iPad dock feels a bit insecure, because it’s lightweight and small, therefore the center of gravity of the iPad-dock assembly is too high to be safe. Such small accessories are excellent for travels or business meetings, but when using the iPad at home there are much better solutions. One of these solutions is the Stabile iPad stand. Made from a single sheet of solid American steel, this stand weighs 2.5 times the weight of an iPad. Its center of gravity is low enough to secure a very good stability, very hard to find in common docks, stands or holders.

Stabile iPad Stand - Alternate Views

Stabile iPad Stand - Alternate Views

Although solid, the Stabile iPad stand has an artistic shape, featuring elegant rounded edges and curves. If you don’t know it, you won’t guess the stand weighs almost 4 lbs. The functional aspect has also been thoroughly considered. The stand features anti slip and non-skid polyurethane feet, high-quality protective Santoprene padding for all areas where it gets in contact with the iPad. All these features, as well as the split back cable management solution are usual characteristics of all such products from Thought Out, a reputable manufacturer of innovative stand holders for various personal electronics products such as iPhone, iPod or GPS.

Small View - Stabile iPad Stand

Small View - iPad Stand

The Stabile iPad stand allows using the iPad in either landscape or portrait view, with or without a protection case. It provides free access to all ports, so you can use your iPad with any other accessories you need, without any problem. The viewing angle is preset at 55 degrees. This could be perceived as a small drawback, however that particular angle has been proven to be optimal in combination with the stand height of 3.6” from desk to bottom of the iPad. The stand is available in two finish variants, silver and low texture black. Both of them look awesome, so you can choose the one that suits best your personal preference or your interior decoration style.

You can buy this iPad stand from Amazon. The black model is $49.99 and the silver one is $69.99, an elegant and functional addition to your home or office.