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Squish Skin iPad Case

Squish Skin iPad Case

Did I hear you say Drop-Proof ???  Well it almost is, in the words of the designer, David Adams:

“We modeled the Squish Skin after a Wii remote case. Your iPad still isn’t drop-proof, but it’s close”

And the entire team here couldn’t agree more; after I personally put my Pad into this case it felt almost indestructable. Short of intentionally throwing my iPad on the floor to test if this were true, I am happy to say that with the Squish Skin on the iPad, it certainly feels like it would withstand a drop from table height.

So on to the details of this case. To start with it’s soft, and I mean really soft, at risk of sounding a little kinky I have to say it feels good to hold. Apparently it’s constructed with squishy, air filled chambers in the sides. It feels pleasantly soft, tactile and I can comfortably use my iPad all day in this case.

The Squish Skin also comes in 6 delicious shades of colored rubber (click to enlarge):

iPad Squish Skin - 6 Delicious Colors

6 Delicious Colors

Hard Candy Cases, the creators of the Squish Skin, describe it as follows:

More protective than bubble wrap and way more fun, the Squish Skin delivers noticeably outstanding and unique protection for your iPad. The snug, form-fitting silicone skin resists impacts by utilizing air-filled chambers just below the surface of the case.

iPad Squish Skin - Teal Blue

iPad Squish Skin - Teal Blue

We think this case is super-cool, super-functional and super-value for money, retailing at around the $40 mark. It’s an awesome, protective, rubberized iPad case with air pockets in 6 delicious colors, The Squish Skin from Hard Candy Cases If you want a great, all-round protective iPad case that has real design flair and doesn’t cost the earth, then this is it. 5 big stars from us.

The best price we found for the Squish Skin was at eBags.

Squish Skin iPad Case - Makes Your iPad Drop-Proof, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating