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Skooba iPad Bag

Skooba Messenger iPad Bag

iPad cases are cool, they are a necessity and there’s no doubt about it.

Yet a simple case without any straps to carry it, or protective padding to cushion our favorite gadget, means a case by itself is not always the best way to carry the iPad around. Girls have a slight advantage here, because they usually carry a handbag with them which is roomy enough to easily hold the iPad, and whatever else they need.

Guys (and some Girls), may want a messenger bag, if they don’t intend to carry their bulky laptop briefcase around, especially in situations when all they need is their iPad and a few essential accessories.

The iPad Messenger bag from Skooba Design is one of the lightest courier-style bags we have come across, and it’s packed full of features. It combines a stylish, compact design with the functional efficiency of several smart pockets, allowing room for your iPad, its accessories and for a few of your other personal items such as drink bottle or iPod or phone.

Top Zipper

The bag features a special, padded iPad compartment with a fast access zipper opening on the top edge, designed for situations in which you want to get to your iPad without opening the main flap. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to take your iPad out of the bag with only one hand and without having to take your bag off the shoulder? Just try to do that with a regular bag while waiting in line at the airport check-in and you’ll see our point. Moreover, the instant strap adjustment buckle enables easy switching from shoulder to cross-body, should you ever need to do that quickly. The iPad compartment is 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″, roomy enough to accommodate a small notebook, should you be interested in using it for that rather than the Apple iPad.

Messenger iPad Bag - Pocket Compartments

Messenger iPad Bag - Pocket Compartments

Another cool feature of the Skooba Design iPad Messenger bag is the front accessory compartment. Comprising of several stretchy neoprene pockets, this compartment will host your cords, adapters, chargers, ear buds or USB flash drives in perfect order, provided that you remember to put them back in place after you use them. The bag has a special water bottle holder which is barely visible when not in use. It’s useful and it doesn’t spoil the sleek look of the bag, so we found it a welcome addition.

This iPad bag is available in four color variants: Charcoal with Abyss Black, Charcoal with Blizzard White, Charcoal with Deep Ocean Blue and Charcoal with Inferno Red. All of them look great, but we are a bit reluctant about the white one, as we suspect it might not be so easy to keep clean. Nonetheless, when new, it looks awesome too, so it’s up to you not to get it dirty too soon if you’re keen on choosing this model!


What’s amazing about the Skooba Design iPad Messenger bag is the quality of the materials and the attention to detail in its manufacturing. For the reasonable price of $49.95 you get a bag made of nylon twill, with smooth checked nylon interior and Duraflex brand buckles and clips. Even the zippers are YKK genuine, a guarantee of long-lasting performance. If we also consider that all the materials used are water repellent, we can say that Skooba Design has done an outstanding job in providing people on-the-go with a stylish and functional iPad bag at a very reasonable price.

Two thumbs up!