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Scosche sneakPEAK Audio/Video Cable

Scosche sneakPEAK Audio/Video Cable

One of the things I like about the iPad is that the screen is big enough to allow comfortable viewing of movies and music videos. This is how I pass time when traveling. However, when I get to my destination, I like to be able to watch my movies on the TV screen, therefore a decent audio/video cable was an iPad accessory I had near the top of my list since the very beginning.

When it comes to transmitting video signal, going cheap is not a viable option. I’ve spent so much on cheap cables that never worked properly or when they worked they provided a crappy image, that I promised myself to be more careful with such purchases in the future. That’s how I came to find the Scosche sneakPEAK audio/video cable for iPad which is an excellent and less expensive alternative to the genuine Apple iPad AV cable.

This 6 feet long, braided copper shielded cable allows you to connect your iPad to the RCA inputs on any TV set. If your iPhone or iPod can play video, you can use this cable to connect them to a TV as well. You don’t need any additional software to start viewing movies on the TV. Just connect the cable and you’re done. Connections are very easy to make, because the three tapered metal composite connectors have colored bands that match the colors of the corresponding jacks on the TV set. The integrated mini USB port allows charging your iPad while playing, but you’ll have to buy the USB cable separately.

The Scosche sneakPEAK iPad audio/video cable is available from Amazon for about $22 – $25. It’s far from being the cheapest, but I already told you what I think about that. I’ll be poor soon if I have to keep buying cheap AV cables!

Quality Audio/Video Cable For iPad: Scosche sneakPEAK, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings