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Tough Hybrid Case from CaseMate

Hybrid cases have been around for a while and they have quickly gained terrain, as active people always on the move appreciated the value of a really tough exterior shell combined with the shock-absorbing properties of the interior layer. These features, combined with the professional look and feel made the iPad Hybrid Tough case from Case-Mate a winner in the fight with rough environmental conditions. The iPad Hybrid Tough case provides dual layer protection. The inner layer is made of high-quality form fitting silicone which surrounds the device completely, thus absorbing eventual shocks it might be subject to while you’re […]


Digital music is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Enjoying it on the go has become widely accessible, as there are lots of gadgets which can play music and which have enough storage space to let you take your whole music library with you. Although some mobile gadgets may have speakers, there are situations in which it is preferable to keep your music to yourself, so a good pair of headphones is a must. However, good quality headphones are usually expensive and big. For instance, you may not be comfortable wearing them while jogging or while traveling by […]

X-Ray of the Apple iPad

A Japanese doctor has taken an X-Ray of an unusual patient, his iPad. I think he may have been looking for possible fractures in the “Flash” bone. Thanks to CrunchGear for sourcing this amazing image. Original X-Ray from Doctor Miya-Sei’s blog

Blue Diamond iPad Case

Are you looking for a cheap but cool iPad case? Check out the Blue Diamond Silicone Skin Case from CTCstore. It will keep your iPad safe and protected while allowing easy access to all buttons and ports. Blue Diamond Silicone Skin iPad Case Features: Made from a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin also known as TPU, which is flexible, light and tear resistant The material is treated to resist dirt and stains The special design allows access to all ports and buttons without removing the iPad from the case. However, if you want to use the Apple iPad dock, you’ll need to […]

Scosche sneakPEAK Audio/Video Cable

One of the things I like about the iPad is that the screen is big enough to allow comfortable viewing of movies and music videos. This is how I pass time when traveling. However, when I get to my destination, I like to be able to watch my movies on the TV screen, therefore a decent audio/video cable was an iPad accessory I had near the top of my list since the very beginning. When it comes to transmitting video signal, going cheap is not a viable option. I’ve spent so much on cheap cables that never worked properly or […]

Best Blender I Have Ever Owned - Blendtec 1560 Watt

[flowplayer id=9 width=640 height=360] If you believe the good folk at Blendtec then the biggest question concerning every iPad owner in recent months is “Will it Blend?”. If you have not done so already then watch this video and find out. If you were impressed with the Blendtec blender’s performance in this clip, as we were, then you might want one. I’ve been wanting to upgrade our old blender for years, and after watching this video I decided it was time to do it! We don’t do blender reviews here, just iPad accessories, so I won’t go into detail. However, […]

I love my mobile gadgets because I can enjoy them wherever I go. Be it on the beach or on the top of the mountains, it feels good to know that I can connect with my friends on Twitter or Facebook, or that I can read and answer my emails. Well, I can enjoy all these as long as the batteries last, which sometimes is not quite as long as I’d wish. I know carrying a replacement battery is one solution, but that’s far from ideal. Spare batteries are usually expensive and besides, I don’t want to carry a bag […]

iPad Skin: Smiling Dolphin

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to spoiling myself with a new gadget, I always like to make it feel like it’s mine, I like to customize it, to make it unique. In short, I like to be able to tell my iPad from a thousand others at a glance. Speaking of the iPad, most cases available on the market aren’t customizable, so one needs to be content with whatever designs he or she can find. I’m not saying that they are ugly, I’m just saying they aren’t unique. While looking for something to “tattoo” my new […]


There are so many iPad cases, sleeves, skins and bags that one could spend ages trying to figure out the best choice. I don’t know about others, but I can tell you the best choice for me is to buy more of them, then match them to the occasion. For instance, if I went to a business meeting, I’d dress my iPad in the best fine leather case I could find. On the other hand, for a simple meeting with friends or for my travels I’d get a lighter and more protective cover like this bubble sleeve from Hard Candy […]


This video had me grinning from ear to ear and I just had to post it. As a full time reviewer of iPad accessories I’ve seen a raft of ingenious devices and gadgets, from solar chargers to futuristic cases made of indestructible titanium. There is also a slew of interesting iPad mounting devices emerging which enable you to use your iPad hands free around the home or workshop. For example; mounting your iPad in the kitchen so you can cook while reading a recipe or watching a cooking video. I think mounted touch screen panels around the home have been […]