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Do you want to avoid this?

Are you excited about your new iPad 2? Aren’t you a bit worried that you might scratch it before you get a protective film? Screen protectors made for the first generation of iPads won’t fit the iPad 2, so you’ll need to get one that has been designed specifically for the new iPad. You can order your iPad 2 Invisible Shield from ZAGG right now and have it delivered in as little as 1-2 business days. ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for iPad 2 comes in four coverage options: Full Body Maximum Coverage for $39.99. This is the ultimate protection, covering all exposed […]

Crazy On Digital iPad 2 Accessory Bundle

This 20 items accessory bundle from Crazy On Digital includes all essential iPad 2 accessories such as screen protectors, leather case, earphones with microphone, chargers and various cables and connectors. You can find it on Amazon. If you are new to the iPad and you have no idea about what accessories you need to buy, this is a very good package to start with. It covers both protection and functionality needs. The only item it lacks is a stand, but you can do your research and order that separately later on. The main point in purchasing such a package for […]

The Kensington iPad2 keyboard folio has a slim profile

The iPad is one cool piece of technology. The iPad 2 is even cooler. However, the need for a real keyboard is still there, especially if you are fond of your typing speed. Luckily, there’s a new breed of iPad accessories, the folio case with Bluetooth keyboard. Not only are they protective, they also solve the problem of typing on your iPad. The Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Accessory Case for iPad 2 is a good choice, if you want something good-looking and durable. These are the features that make this folio case with keyboard worth its price: The case is made […]

6 Sporty i-Colors

Last year we covered the elegant and beautiful Joule from Element Case. A beautiful iPad stand, and so simple it its design. This year Element Case is back with a revamped Joule, a redesigned stand for the iPad 2. It’s called Joule Chroma, and this year it comes in 6 apple flavored colors. It also sports a vent for your iPad 2’s audio output, which they claim ‘amplifies’ the sound. I’m more inclined to think of this as a small breathing hole for your iPad 2’s speakers – I wouldn’t say it amplifies, but it suffocates it a little less […]


Los Angeles based designer William Tang is trying to drum up funding for his birch and leather iPad 2 stand. It’s a folding V-shaped wooden stand that can be used to present your iPad in either portrait or landscape. Hinge also has a hinge mechanism (surprise, surprise) that enables it to fold shut. When folded it is so small you can easily fit it in your pocket. Nifty. William Tang is currently trying to raise enough capital to get his stand design into production. If you are interested you can pledge anything from $1 upwards to get his iPad 2 […]


This is an amazing video that demonstrates the incredible strength of the iPad 2 glass screen. Watch and be astounded at how far it can bend! Watch until the end and you will also find out which iPad screen is stronger, iPad 1 or iPad 2. We thank the good people over at www.ifixyouri.com for taking the time to break a number of iPad screens and put this up on their blog. If you need an iPad screen repaired, they are the people to see.

iPad 2

For all you iPad fans around the globe, Apple have just announced they will release the iPad 2 this Friday the 25th of March at 5pm local time. Take note that this is 5pm in your country – so actual release times will vary. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will be available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK Suggested retail price is still $499 USD for the entry level 16 GB Wi-Fi model, and prices go up […]

Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand / Case for iPad 2

Targus are sending us one of these, unfortunately it has not arrived yet so we can’t give you the full “hands on” review. However, we thought it would be good to do a quick roundup of the features, as so many of you have written in with requests for more iPad 2 case reviews. We’re checking our mail box almost hourly, so don’t worry, as soon as they arrive you will be the first to know. We promise! Like many other iPad 2 accessories, the Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand / Case is specifically designed to match the new shape […]


A couple of days ago we received a beautifully handmade Aligata Perfect Black iPad case for review. I’ve used it since it arrived and love it. This case should be a good fit for either the iPad or iPad 2. The case is handmade by Tom from Aligata, and the personal touch is really nice, you experience it from the moment the case arrives. After opening the FedEx Box I found a stiff cardboard envelope inside with an informative tag from Tom. Inside the cardboard protection was the leather case, carefully wrapped inside a soft, raw cotton pouch. The Aligata […]


The Street Skin from Hard Candy Cases is one of the first cases adapted for iPad 2. As far as I’ve seen, it is also the first case to make use of magnets, apart from Apple’s Smart Cover. Like the previous version, the Street Skin for iPad 2 provides full access to all ports and controls. This includes both cameras, so you don’t have to worry whether or not you’ll need to remove the case to use FaceTime. The skin is made from form-fitting TPU rubber, which is less stretchy than silicone, and an excellent shock absorber. TPU rubber provides […]