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Otterbox Defender iPad Case - front view

Otterbox Defender - front view

UPDATE: Otterbox Defender is now available for iPad 2 as well.
You can choose the Otterbox Defender for your iPad here.

Otterbox Defender is one of the best iPad cases in terms of protection and functionality. Its innovative, award-winning design and its high-quality materials recommend Otterbox Defender as a heavy-duty, rugged iPad case for high-risk environments. We liked it very much that the solid protection didn’t obstruct the normal use of the iPad, everything being easily accessible. Even the dock connector can be accessed with the case on, thanks to a removable dock door. This enables docking the iPad without having to remove it from the case. This dock door and the silicone plugs covering the other iPad ports provide excellent protection against dust.

Otterbox Defender iPad case features and specs:

    • Three layers of protection: a two-piece, hi-impact polycarbonate hard shell, a durable silicone skin and a self-adhering clear protective film. Thanks to the two-parts construction, the hard shell fits really tight, preventing the iPad from moving inside the case. As an additional caution, the hard shell is coated with a soft material, thus ensuring the iPad won’t get scratched by the case itself.
Otterbox Defender used as stand

Otterbox Defender used as stand

  • Clip on polycarbonate shield for the iPad screen, which snaps easily on the back of the case when not needed and which doubles as a fold-out stand. This creative solution allows two possible viewing angles. Unfortunately it works only in landscape orientation, but this is not a major drawback, all movies fitting the landscape format anyway.
  • Silicone plugs which enable access to all buttons and ports
  • Silicone grip pads on the bottom of the case, keeping the iPad stable and preventing it from slipping off desks or tables.
  • Removable tag for the docking port, allowing the iPad to be used with the official dock from Apple.
  • Clear membrane over the Apple logo, leaving it visible yet very well protected.
  • Case weight (with the screen shield): 20.7 oz
  • Case weight without the shield: 13.6 oz
  • Case size: 99.99″ x 7.89″ x 0.94″
Otterbox Defender - dock door

Otterbox Defender - dock door

Otterbox Defender is amongst the few iPad cases that are drop, bump, shock, scratch and dust-proof. Most cases only protect against minor shocks or bumps and scratches. This is why they may be cheaper than the really sturdy ones like the Otterbox Defender. If you don’t need protection against drops for your iPad, you may be fine with an inexpensive case. However, if you want solid, reliable protection whether you’re in the Military, an outdoors fan or you have a naughty toddler in your house, Otterbox Defender is one of the best iPad hard cases money can buy.