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Backpackers and other people who travel intensively know how important it is to have their belongings protected while on the go. At the same time, being always on the move, they need to pack wisely if they don’t want to end up carrying too much bulky luggage around the world.

Speaking of must-have gadgets, the iPad is excellent for staying in touch with your online friends while traveling. But like any other such device, the iPad is exposed to scratches and accidental drops, therefore a protective travel case is essential. As light packing and heavy, premium leather cases don’t go very well together, frequent travelers would rather enjoy a solution that would offer effective protection while adding very little to their total weight.

Express iPad Case

Express iPad Case

If light and resistant are the main features of the ideal case for your iPad, then check out The Express, a splash-resistant, ballistic nylon flip case from Case-Mate. Lightweight and minimalist, this case keeps your iPad secure and at the same time allows easy access, thanks to its side opening magnetic closure. At 8” wide and 9 3/4” high when closed, The Express is just perfect for people who value every inch of storage space in their bag. We liked its minimalist design and its texture which looks to be built to last. We also appreciated the fact that the iPad slides into a side pocket inside the case. This is much better than those diagonal straps we’ve seen on cheaper cases.

Taking all these features into consideration, we thought The Express was reasonable value for money at $34.99. Beware though, this flip case doesn’t provide screen protection, so we recommend adding an InvisibleSHIELD from ZAGG, at least for the iPad front. Or you could opt for Case Armor, which is a similar flexible film solution provided by Case-Mate. The latter can be ordered with your Express case and you can have them delivered at the same time.

The Express is available from CaseMate.