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Targus Leather iPad Case

Targus Leather iPad Case

In our search for the perfect Leather iPad Case we’ve looked at a number of stylish and affordable options, and this one is no exception, The Targus Hughes is a very nice iPad slipcase, and it has certainly grabbed our attention.

Key features we love about this iPad case:

  • It’s very elegant, and lets you transport your iPad in style, no matter whether you are heading to a business meeting, or for a weekend away.
  • It’s made of very high quality, natural leather (we know it’s natural because it has that wonderful leathery smell) and the color is close to, but does not exactly match the retailers pictures. This is to be expected with fine, natural leather products, color and texture will vary with each item. It’s part of the case’s uniqueness, and we love this about it.
  • It has a decent amount of padding, so we felt our precious iPad was quite safe when it was stored inside.
  • A nifty magnetic catch that lets you open and close the case with ease – not fiddly to use. The iPad is easy to access.

It should be noted that this case is like a protective envelope, and you must remove the iPad from it to use it, so your iPad will be “naked” while in use. The case provides a near perfect fit for the iPad, we like this because it’s snug and can’t rattle around. But it also means you cannot have any sort of bulky second case over your iPad, unless it is very thin. Some people like to put a silicone style case, such as a Gelli skin, over their iPad so it is still protected while in use. If you want to use a second protective case then make sure it is very slimline.

Targus Leather iPad Slipcase

Targus Leather iPad Slipcase - Open for Business

The Targus Hughes is a really nice case and one of my personal favorites. It is sophisticated, yet also understated. It protects with style and feels like it will last the distance. In fact, I’m pretty sure this case will be holding my next iPad when the current one is old technology.

If you love it as much as we do, and want to get your hands on it now, then you can grab one from Amazon. If you are not sold yet then carry on reading.

If you are planning to buy a folio style case for business meetings then we think the Targus Hughes is one of the  best solutions to protect your favorite gadget, and at the same time help you create a good first impression with your audience. Choosing a fine leather iPad case can definitely help, as leather is widely recognized as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. This is one of those accessories that we fell in love with at first sight. The excellent quality oil-tanned premium leather, the rounded edges and the decorative stitches recommend this portfolio case for all situations that call for elegance and refinement. The Targus logo is discretely embossed in the leather and is placed in the center of the front side, creating a very nice visual effect. The interior of the case is made from soft twill lining which effectively protects the iPad against scratches when you slip it inside or when you take it out. The lining comes in a darker shade of brown than the exterior leather, thus creating a pleasant contrast.

Most folio cases would also feature a few additional pockets for storing business cards or a few paper notes. The Targus Hughes Leather iPad case is no exception. It has three slim interior pockets, two of them resulting from the leather fold itself and the third one cut into the lining. The case is specifically designed for the iPad and it features a secure magnetic closure, so your iPad will be safe throughout your travels. As there are no openings for any of the ports, this slipcase is also a good barrier against dust and other small particles that might damage your iPad.

The Targus iPad leather case is available on Amazon for a bit over $50 and is eligible for free shipping with the Super Saving Shipping program. Gift-wrap is also available on demand.

Natural Leather iPad Case – The Targus Hughes Portfolio Slipcase, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings