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Macally Charger

Macally USB Charger

USB chargers are cool because they allow you to charge your electronic devices by simply connecting then to your computer. What if your computer is not around and you need to charge your iPad or your iPhone, or worse, you have to charge them both? Or what if your computer doesn’t have a USB plug you can spare for a few hours to charge your iPad? It’s no big deal, you can always use the wall charging cables, provided that you have them with you at the time.

I thought how nice it would have been to find a way to use the USB charging cables for both computer and wall charging. I found this solution which is as cool as one can get, because it’s simple, small and effective: the Macally Dual USB Charger for iPad and iPhone. If you get this, all you need is a power outlet and the two USB cables for your devices. The dual USB charger supplies 10 Watts of power. It has a slim, compact design and it’s easy to store when not in use, thanks to a swivel power plug which folds into a special opening on the charger’s body.

The Macally Dual USB iPhone and iPad Charger is available on Amazon for about $20. We consider it to be a good addition to the iPad accessories collection for people who enjoy traveling but hate carrying lots of cables with them.