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Macally Bookstand Protective iPad Case

Macally Bookstand Protective iPad Case

Did you know that an iPad owner spends an average of 20% more than the base iPad price on accessories? I don’t remember where I read that, but thinking of what I bought so far, the statistic seems close to reality. The fact is that once you spend so much on a gadget like the iPad, you then want to take very good care of it, so it’s understandable to think one would buy at least a case and a screen protector. Then it comes the ease of use. It’s great the iPad is so thin, but try to type on its virtual keyboard without using a stand or a dock and it’s sometimes a little difficult. An iPad stand is nice to have, not only for typing, but also for presentations, for reading books or for viewing movies. If you don’t feel like getting a separate stand which may require that you take the case off your iPad in order to use it, you can take a look at those convertible cases which can turn into a stand by flipping one of the covers.

Macally Bookstand Protection iPad CaseOne of our recommendations is the Macally Bookstand, a very good looking iPad protective microfiber case which can also function as a stand. Although the material is synthetic, it’s very soft and it looks just like real suede from a distance. Besides, it’s always a good idea to choose eco-friendly products if we can, especially when they don’t compromise on quality. The hard plastic corner protections have also the role of keeping the iPad in position inside the case. All you need to do is to slightly press it against the corners until it clicks in. The protections look quite solid, so if it happens that you drop your iPad on the floor, the corners would most probably be safe. The Macally Bookstand provides free access to all connections and controls on the iPad, no matter if you use it as a case or as a stand.

Turning the Macally Bookstand case into a stand is a very simple operation: just flip it open, bend the front cover backwards and insert the closing flap into its clasp to form a rock solid stand that will hold your iPad firmly. You can choose between two possible viewing angles, one steeper, suitable for viewing movies or reading and another one which is ideal for typing. When used in the upright position, the stand is extremely sturdy, thanks to the hard, flat base formed by the bent cover which features an additional hinge that does the trick.

The best price we found for the Macally Bookstand protective case and iPad stand was at Amazon.