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Leather iPad Bag/Case from Simplism

Leather iPad Bag/Case from Simplism

UPDATE: This case is currently sold out in brown, but is available in red at Amazon.

If you, or your partner, already has a collection of bags, then you probably don’t want to buy another one for your iPad. Perhaps instead you would rather invest in an exquisite case. Well now you can have both! Take a closer look at this beautiful iPad bag and case in one, from Simplism Leather Collection.

The case features a detachable strap that allows you to also wear it as a shoulder bag. It offers the protection and functionality of a case, combined with the convenience of a shoulder bag, and all this with an exquisite elegance that really stands out in the crowd.

The high quality, luxurious Chocolate black leather is stitched around the edges with a feature thread that adds a touch of elegance. The removable shoulder strap attaches to the case with beautifully finished, silver coated hardware. The length of the strap can be adjusted between 71cm and 138cm, so you can wear the case on your shoulder or around your neck, depending on preference.

Simplism Leather Case Detail View

Detail View - Simplism Leather Bag/Case

Although it looks very slim and stylish, the Simplism iPad Shoulder Case provides solid protection; thanks to its back cushioning, and to its hidden plates that act as shock absorbers, keeping the iPad securely protected. The plates are cleverly designed to be bigger than the iPad, providing protection even to the corners of your iPad, which are the most sensitive parts in the event of an accidental drop.


Also available in red

All ports on the iPad are accessible without needing to remove it from the case. The speaker is also uncovered, a very nice feature if you enjoy listening to music on your iPad. The comfort goes even further, with the flap that opens 180 degree wide, thus allowing you to use the iPad while it is still safe inside the case.

If you want to be among the first lucky owners of an iPad Shoulder Case from the Simplism Leather Collection, you can pre-order it on Amazon for $59.99. It ships for free with the Super Saver Shipping program, and is also available in beautiful, deep >red leather.

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