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Joule iPad Stand

Joule iPad Stand

The Joule iPad stand from Element Case is a beautiful work of art in itself. Its unique design, its high-quality materials, its exquisite finishes are attributes that make it worthy of any interior design setting, no matter how stylish and expensive it may be.

The base cylinder of the stand, though slim and elegant, is heavy enough to provideĀ  solid support for the iPad. It features a soft velvet lining inside, so that it won’t harm your iPad in any way. The base has a nicely rounded cutout in the middle, enabling access to the iPad’s Home button. The Joule is CNC machined from solid aluminum, with three variants of finish: brilliant polished aluminum (available at $129), black anodized coating and anodized silver coating (available at $139). Per customer request, the stand can be engraved with a custom logo, thus making it an excellent present or corporate gift.

The Joule iPad stand uses a very simple support system that allows three preset viewing angles. To change the angle, all you need to do is take the magnetically attached support rod out of its current hole and put it into another one that corresponds to the new angle you want. The stand is designed for either portrait or landscape viewing position and it holds the iPad snugly, so it doesn’t move, even while you type on the screen. This is nice, but it also means that you can’t use the iPad in a case with your Joule stand. An iPad skin would be fine and would add the necessary scratch protection while using your iPad mounted in the Joule stand. Anyway, it’s obvious that the Joule was intended to be used with a naked iPad, because it complements Apple’s traditional finish in a brilliant way.

We absolutely love this iPad stand. You can get yours from Element Case.

Joule iPad Stand: Brilliant and Elegant Design, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings