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Joule Chroma iPad 2 Stand in Sporty Blue

Last year we covered the elegant and beautiful Joule from Element Case. A beautiful iPad stand, and so simple it its design. This year Element Case is back with a revamped Joule, a redesigned stand for the iPad 2.

6 Sporty i-Colors

It’s called Joule Chroma, and this year it comes in 6 apple flavored colors. It also sports a vent for your iPad 2’s audio output, which they claim ‘amplifies’ the sound. I’m more inclined to think of this as a small breathing hole for your iPad 2’s speakers – I wouldn’t say it amplifies, but it suffocates it a little less than some other stands… The vent for audio also breaks the pure minimalist lines of the original Joule.

In spite of our criticisms, it’s still a pretty snazzy number, but in our opinion the $150 price tag is a bit steep for this type of accessory, and although the new colors will appeal to some, we feel it looks more sporty now, and a little less elegant.

If you want to get one of these iPad 2 stands, head on over to the Element Case store.

Joule Chroma - Designer iPad 2 Stand, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating