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UPDATE! The InvisibleShield is now available for the iPad 2. You should order yours here, but please look carefully at the options and choose whether you want the Easy Installation or Full Protection. It defaults to easy installation.

Have you ordered your iPad yet? If so, what’s the next thing that pops into your mind? an iPad screen protector perhaps? If it is not high on your list of priorities it probably should be. One of our main concerns whenever we get a brand new slick gadget like the iPad, is how to protect it against scratches and normal wear and tear. We want to keep it looking brand new for the longest possible time. The other major concern is that our, slim, shiny iPad could lose a great deal of its charm if we hide it behind a bulky protective case. Nobody wants that! So here’s where day dreaming about the perfect iPad case becomes a reality!

What if we could show you a protective shield with real stealth qualities, by “stealth qualities” we mean it is almost impossible to detect that it is even there! Yet it is tough enough to resist even the hardest bumps and scratches. Even if such a high-tech, thin-film screen protector existed, wouldn’t it be reserved for top secret military applications only?

There is something that fits this profile though, something that has already been tested and approved by over 7 million users of iPod, iPhone and Blackberry worldwide, The Invisible Shield by ZAGG.

Made from a military grade patented material, the invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG provides real protection against scratches while fitting so precisely on the iPad that it’s practically invisible. The super-thin protective film features self-healing qualities, thus eliminating the need for frequent replacements and making it amazingly good value for money. If we consider that the original use for this material was to protect helicopter blades, we can see why ZAGG offers a 45 day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement guarantee. Yes it’s true – if your screen protector gets damaged in any way Zagg will replace it, free.

There are three coverage options available: full body, front only or back only coverage, so you can choose to pay only for what you plan to use. Although we recommend getting both front and back iPad screen protection, the price difference between full body coverage and any of the other two options is only $10, a small price to pay to fully protect your iPad.

Moreover, we were excited to note that ZAGG is giving away one Apple iPad every week for the whole month of May! The contest is free to join and by entering it you’ll also get a 50% discount coupon, good for any of the products on Even if you don’t win the weekly iPad, you can still grab the best possible iPad screen protector at half price.

If you are still not convinced then check out this video where a ZAGG staff member gives their iPad some pretty rough treatment.

[flowplayer id=3 width=640 height=360]

You can see how impervious the Invisible Shield line of iPad screen protectors are to everyday wear and tear. I mean, you would not allow your iPad to have nails and screws or an angle grinder applied to the surface would you? What I know for certain is if it can handle this then it can handle anything I’m going to throw at it.

If you want to protect your iPad with a military grade, thin film screen protector then click here to visit

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