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4-Way Privacy Screen for the Apple iPad

4-Way Privacy Screen for the Apple iPad

November 2011 update: This item is out of stock for the moment and we don’t know when it will be available again.

Did you ever experience that annoying feeling that somebody else was reading your newspaper over your shoulder?

If you read in the subway then you probably know what I’m talking about. Now imagine how annoying it could be to have others peeping at your iPad’s screen when you use it in public places.

Well we have found the solution! A 4-way privacy screen for the iPad will stop those nosy people who can’t mind their own business!

Made of an anti-smudge, glare resistant material, the privacy screen works in both portrait and landscape orientation of your iPad. It’s all in the viewing angle: while you’ll enjoy a perfect view of your screen, people around you won’t see anything¬† but black, so you can be sure your information will remain confidential.

The special material doesn’t influence the touch screen sensitivity, nor does it distort the image in any way. It is very easy to apply and it doesn’t leave any residues after its removal. Moreover, the privacy screen also provides protection against scratches, so you won’t need to apply any other protective film on your iPad screen.

The Macally IP-PAD808 4 Way Privacy Screen for iPad is soon to be released, but you can secure your copy when you pre-order at Amazon, and have it delivered to your door the moment it becomes available.