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If premium gadgets call for premium accessories, then the new Apple iPad surely deserves the best. I hate to compromise, and personally refuse to buy average quality cases, sleeves or bags. When I go looking for a premium case I look for the ultimate material that has style and durability: leather. So I set out to find a smooth, genuine leather case that would make my iPad proud to be owned by me, and preferably one that would not hurt the wallet! At least no too much, leather is never cheap.

So I was very pleased then when I found The Walkabout. This top-opening, leather iPad folio case has been carefully designed to offer your iPad smooth, elegant and hard wearing protection. One thing people sometimes forget is that a roughly made case can actually scratch and damage a device. However, the premium genuine tan leather used in The Walkabout construction is so soft that it’s really hard to stop wanting to touch it again and again. Although the case offers a snug fit, I also found it very easy to slide the iPad in and out without any risk of scratching, thanks to the softness of the leather.


The Walkabout - Leather iPad Case

The Walkabout - Leather iPad Case - Open

The Walkabout is a folio style case, designed only for storing your iPad while in transit. It doesn’t have any openings corresponding with the ports on your device. However, taking the iPad out of its case is easy, thanks to the ingenious magnetic fastening system. In order to not impinge on the simple beauty of this case, the magnets are embedded in the top flap, thus keeping the case tightly secured but easy to unfold. For the price of $79.99 you can call one of these cases yours. It’s not cheap, but we found it reasonable taking into consideration the high quality leather The Walkabout is made from, and the very good experience we’ve had with Case-Mate products being made to last.

Like all other iPad cases from Case-Mate, The Walkabout comes with a 90 day limited warranty. For a limited time, Case-Mate offers free standard shipping, so check it out now to see if it applies for your area of residence.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to get screen protection. The Walkabout, like many iPad cases, is designed to protect your iPad when you are not using it. However, the moment you take it out, there is always a chance you could get a scratch. Our recommendation for truly invisible, yet powerful screen protection is either the InvisibleSHIELD iPad screen protector by ZAGG, or Case Armor by Case-Mate. Either of these two protective films does a great job keeping your iPad scratch free.