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iPad Lap Desk

iPad Lap Desk

The iPad is so cool! We can now say goodbye to all those uncomfortable positions we experienced trying to use the laptop while laying in bed on those lazy afternoons. The iPad is so slim that you can hold it in your hand, as if reading a book.

But wait! If using the iPad is just like reading a book, that’s not the most comfortable activity to do in bed either. My hands get tired, my shoulders and elbows get sore propping myself up. If you read in bed I’m sure you have had similar experiences.

But now, the good news: lazy readers, just like you and I, have come together on Quirky to help design a new product meant to improve their lives, and ours.

the "Cradle" iPad Lap Desk

Out of the Quirky passion for comfort and innovation, the new Cradle has been born, an “iPad lap desk with a twist”.

As their headline shows, the Cradle is a lightweight and portable lap desk specifically designed to hold your iPad and to enable you to use it in bed, or while sitting comfortably on your couch. The Cradle iPad desk is currently in pre-production but will be made from Plyboo bamboo plywood, a stylish and natural, rapidly renewable resource which can help us save trees that take generations to grow. So, if going green is one of your concerns, then the Cradle deserves a top place on your iPad accessories wish list.

The Quirky Cradle allows using your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode, thanks to an integrated circular rotating plate that holds the iPad on the desk. One of the most interesting comfort features of the Cradle is the foam cushion with woven covering beneath the plywood desk. This is the part which comes in contact with your lap, offering extra comfort and preventing the desk from slipping away.

Using the iPad with the Cradle lap desk looks like having breakfast in bed, served on one of those special tables. Quirky will serve it to us. We get to feel spoiled, and I’m sure everyone loves that.

If you’re interested in getting your own Cradle, check out the Quirky website now. You’ll need to hurry as there are only 857 Cradles available for pre-sale at the very reasonable price of $52.50 each.