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iPad Felt Folio Case

iPad Felt Folio Case

One of the most appealing features of the iPad is its portability. If  you are using your iPad while traveling, either for business meetings or to showcase your creative portfolio, then you will need a case that allows you to not only keep your iPad protected, but will also let you present it in style while keeping essential items at hand such as business cards, pens and good old-fashioned paper documents.

The Traveler from Case-Mate is a high quality iPad case made from real felt and leather. It’s a great looking folio style case, featuring storage pockets and a magnetic strip closure to keep your iPad secure.

Unlike other travel cases, The Traveler firmly secures your iPad, but leaves the screen uncovered. This is very convenient as you don’t need to take the iPad out of the folio case to present your ideas. The iPad pocket is carefully designed to offer a snug and secure fit, without damaging or scratching the iPad’s surface. The Traveler is made by Case-Mate, already well-known for the quality of their products, and like all Case-Mate cases, the iPad folio comes with a 90 day warranty. Overall we were impressed with the quality of the case construction and the materials used – very good value for money.

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Folio iPad Case

We think The Traveler is great design, and protects almost every aspect of your iPad in style! We would only recommend people purchasing this smart folio case also consider the additional protection and peace of mind of a thin film screen protector, such as the Invisible Shield from ZAGG, or Case-Mate’s own Clear Armor protection. Both are quality products, and an essential accessory in our opinion if you want to care for, and extend the life of your iPad. It’s important when selecting a screen protector to purchase one made of quality protective film – don’t skimp and buy one of the cheapies, get the best screen protection money can buy. You, and your iPad, will appreciate it in the long run.

One small inconvenience is that your iPad will still need to be removed from the case to be docked. However, even the original case from Apple doesn’t permit docking. We don’t think this is a big deal, and it’s reasonably easy to slide the iPad out of the snug pocket when you want to dock it.

In summary, people who need to take their iPad into meetings will find a portfolio-style case a lot more convenient than a sleeve case, the latter being more suitable for transportation, and lacking the great support The Traveler provides, while allowing you to present in a professional manner. In our opinion The Traveler is one of the best solutions if you need to combine professional presentation with functional style. It’s a sleek yet elegant, premium business folio case. This case is manufactured and sold by Case Mate.

Check out this video to see The Traveler in action:

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iPad Folio Travel Case: The Traveler, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings