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Incipio Destroyer Front

Incipio Destroyer Front

If protection is good, then triple protection is three times better. For tough people who want to be gentle with their gadgets, the Incipio Destroyer Overkill is the ultra protective iPad case featuring three defense layers for the ultimate protection against drops, bumps and scratches.

  1. The first defense layer is a silicone gel shock absorbing skin which secures the iPad in place, and which attenuates shocks.
  2. The second defense layer is made from Zytel, a hi-impact military grade nylon which is almost impossible to scratch, did I also mention it’s bulletproof?
  3. The third layer of protection targets the corners of your iPad and it consists of two CNC machined billet aluminum side rails which can resist any accidental bumps or drops.

Incipio Destroyer Overkill iPad Case

These three layers work together as a whole to turn your fragile iPad into an almost invincible machine, ready to serve you even in the toughest environmental conditions. Well, we haven’t tried it in a hurricane’s eye yet, nor did we attempt to review its behavior at the North Pole, but we can assure you it looks quite strong. It’s probably the toughest and the most masculine iPad case ever invented.

The Incipio Destroyer Overkill is designed to perfectly fit the iPad contour. This makes it look slim and elegant, despite the high level of protection it provides. It allows access to all ports and controls, so you can put it on your iPad and forget about it, no matter what other accessories you may want to use. This iPad case is comfortable protection at your fingertips. Take your iPad and go forth onto the battlefield! At least we can guarantee that your iPad will survive!

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper but very protective case then the Hybrid Tough Case might also interest you.