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"Hinge" Wooden Stand for iPad 2

"Hinge" Wooden Stand for iPad 2

Hinge Stand fits in pocket

Fits in pocket

Los Angeles based designer William Tang is trying to drum up funding for his birch and leather iPad 2 stand. It’s a folding V-shaped wooden stand that can be used to present your iPad in either portrait or landscape.

Hinge also has a hinge mechanism (surprise, surprise) that enables it to fold shut. When folded it is so small you can easily fit it in your pocket. Nifty.

William Tang is currently trying to raise enough capital to get his stand design into production. If you are interested you can pledge anything from $1 upwards to get his iPad 2 stand project rolling.

Tang says:

Elegant Simplicity: From the start, simplicity was my priority. I didn’t want a bulky case that held the iPad at limited angles and only landscape mode. I also didn’t want a stand that was too big to travel with or had too many moving parts.
iPad family portrait

Hinge for iPad is designed simply: a hinge and two arms. The arms hug the edge of the bare iPad (they won’t scratch the glass or aluminum body) and adjust to multiple angles, including landscape and portrait mode. Hinge is light and compact, folding neatly to fit in your pocket or bag.