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Gucci has released 3 beautiful iPad cases, each featuring a unique but distinctly Gucci design. They are in the $200+ price bracket so will probably only interest those with deep pockets and a lust for designer iPad accessories. We have large, detailed images so be sure to click and check out the full size versions.

The pattern used on the center case is called the “GG” and is made up of two interlinked G’s. A detailed explanation of the origins and history of the GG pattern can be found on the Gucci website:

3 Gucci iPad Cases

3 Gucci iPad Cases

Guccio Gucci’s initials were first used in the early Sixties – as either single or double Gs – as squared-off fastenings for bags which were developed and made in Gucci’s own forge at the Via delle Caldaie in Florence. Transferred soon after into a diamond-shaped pattern woven into the best-selling cotton canvas luggage, the GG monogram transported the company’s fame, quite literally, around the globe in the much-photographed company of movie-stars, aristocrats and socialites.
Reconfigured and deployed in innumerable designs and redesigns, the eternal GG has appeared and reappeared over time, merged into a circle, back-to-back, inverted, abstracted. It’s been done in silver and gold, burned into luxurious velvet, embossed into leather, stamped onto suede, printed on silks, woven into jacquards, patchworked together in luxurious crocodile and lizard. A status symbol that crosses cultures, it has acquired an elasticity of popular meaning that stretches its possibilities to include high glamour – and, when the moment arises, a knowing sense of humour.

There is also a stylish video showing the history of the GG pattern:

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If these Gucci iPad cases tickle your fancy then you can place an order over at