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Grove iPad 2 case: bamboo body, ecological leather cover

Grove iPad 2 case: hard bamboo body, ecological leather cover, high resolution engravings

Wood is such a beautiful material, and we’ve seen some very innovative iPad cases made from wood in the past year. However, isn’t it a shame to cut down so many trees just to cover our iPads and iPhones in wood? We can do better than that. Grove did it. Instead of wood, they have created an amazing case using bamboo.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. It can grow as much in 5 years as other trees do in 100 years. This is one reason why the use of bamboo has become an increasing design trend in recent times.

Grove have created an exquisite iPad 2 case from bamboo, and it’s completed by a leather cover tanned with vegetable based stain, thus providing beautiful, eco friendly protection for your device. This ecological case also provides full coverage and 100% functionality for the iPad: both cameras are fully operational with the case on, the precision speaker grill prevents sound obstruction and the cover is “smart”.

The iPad 2 case from Grove is "smart"

The iPad 2 case from Grove is "smart"


The smart cover folds into stand

The smart cover folds into stand

You already know from Apple what Smart Covers can do: put your iPad to sleep when you close them. This cover does the same. Like the Apple one, the Grove cover can be folded to form a triangle-shaped stand. It can also fold flat, in case you don’t need to use it as a stand.

The Grove case for iPad 2 is still “a work in progress”, but the outcome will be worth the wait, as the Grove team detailed on their website:

At Grove we have the highest standards of quality and we chose to significantly improve the functionality of our product at the cost of

delaying the release. Combining leather and bamboo, our iPad case has both the functionality of a detachable smart cover with the protection of a full case while maintaining a thin profile and signature Grove Quality in design and construction. We debated making the change because it would cause significant delays but we chose to emphasize the added functionality over a timely release.


Although we are sorry we can’t give you a hands-on review of this awesome iPad 2 case right now, we are certain it’s going to be amazing when it’s released as Grove only produces accessories built to the highest quality standards.

Grove iPad 2 Case Features

Grove iPad 2 case - speaker grill detail

Grove iPad 2 case - speaker grill detail

  • the case body is handcrafted from bamboo
  • there are cutouts for all ports and cameras, as well as a nicely finished grill for the speaker
  • the vegetable tanned leather “smart” cover automatically puts the iPad to sleep when closed and it folds into a small stand for watching videos or typing on the virtual keyboard
  • the cover is stitched for an exquisite look and for more durability
  • the case features a hand-rubbed natural oil finish
  • there are two choices of color: natural bamboo or amber
  • the vegetable leather cover can be plain, custom or laser engraved (the artist series features some amazing models, all engraved in super high resolution)

If you like the Grove iPad 2 case and you want to be locked into the special price of $79, you need to make a $20 pre-order deposit. This will secure your place for an early shipment. Pre-orders can be made here.

Grove - Full Coverage Ecological iPad 2 Case , 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings