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Many of our readers asked for reviews of iPad cases that are under $20 but look almost like those expensive ones. As we are proud to be the premiere destination for iPad accessories, we decided to take a look at several such cases for you. Here they are, below, organized according to their destination. Some of them may have not been released yet, but they are available for pre-order and will be shipped to you when they arrive.

Permanent iPad Cases

By permanent we don’t mean that once you put the case on your iPad you can never take it off again. Permanent cases are the ones that allow you to use your iPad without having to take it out of the case.

Mini Suit Case - in Packet

MiniSuit Apple iPad skin case with screen protector and MiniSuit Cleaner

The MiniSuit iPad skin from Vizu is compatible with all iPad models and it’s available in six color options: black, green, red, hot pink, dark blue and purple. A clear wrap variant is also available, should you prefer not to add so much color to your iPad. This skin case is made of 2.5mm thick silicone which offers good protection and a firm grip while enhancing the looks of your device. Should you decide to buy one of these skins for your iPad, beware that it can’t be docked with the case on. However, you still can charge it without taking off the case by using the wall charger.

The case price is $9.45 and for a limited time only you’ll get a free screen protector and a MiniSuit cleaner with the purchase of each MiniSuit silicone case. Click here for more info.

Macally Black Silicon iPad Case

Macally MSUITPAD Silicon Protective Case for iPad

The Macally MSUITPAD is made of form fitting silicon which allows quick and easy removal of the iPad from the case when needed. Although lightweight, the case offers good protection against scratches and dust. Access to all connections and controls is possible with the case on, so your experience with the iPad won’t be altered in any way. The only color available is black and the price is $18.58. The MAcally MSUITPAD is available at Amazon.

iLuv iPad Flexi-Clear iPad Case

iLuv iPad Flexi-Clear iPad Case

iLuv iPad Flexi-Clear (TPU) Case – Clear

If you ‘re looking for a light, flexible and resistant skin for your iPad, the iLuv iPad Flexi-Clear case is one of those smart choices that would allow you enjoy all benefits you wanted without having you spend a lot of money. This case features a cool dot wave pattern and it is designed to perfectly fit on your iPad, while enabling access to all its ports. The iLuv iPad Flexi-Clear costs $19.82 from Amazon, a folding stand is also included in the price.

Incipio dermaSOT for Apple iPad - Black

Incipio dermaSOT for Apple iPad - Black

Incipio dermaSOT for Apple iPad – Black

The dermaSOT iPad case from Incipio provides excellent flexibility and a tight fitting, thanks to the precision molding technology employed in the manufacturing process. The material, a high-density silicone rubber, has effective anti-slip properties. Moreover, the anti-static coating offers this case dust repelling properties, thus making it a good value for its price of only $19.99.

Incipio dermaSOT is avalable at

Cheap Travel iPad Cases and Sleeves

Such iPad covers are supposed to protect your device only during transportation or storage when not in use. To actually use the iPad, you need to take it out of the case. Travel cases and sleeves are the best if you want to enjoy your iPad naked, as it was when you took it out of its box.

Black Mivizu iPad Case

Mivizu Apple iPad Neoprene Cover

This Mivizu iPad sleeve is made of neoprene, a material that stretches to accommodate its content while offering a very good protection. The sleeve features a dual rubber zipper which enables quick access and a zippered front pouch for storing other iPad accessories such as cables, ear buds or a power adapter. Neoprene is an extremely light material, making the case suitable for people who travel intensively. If desired, it is possible to work on your iPad without taking it out of the sleeve, thanks to the elastic strap holder that keeps the device in place.

Mivizu iPad neoprene sleeves are available in black, pink, red, blue and green. The price varies with the color, but no matter what option you choose is less than $12 at Amazon.

CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Neoprene iPad Sleeve Case

CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Neoprene Netbook Sleeve Case (Pink) for the Apple iPad

Neoprene Netbook Sleeve Case (Pink)

This sleeve case is made from durable neoprene which provides effective protection for your iPad against scratches, dust or accidental drops. What we found the most interesting in this iPad protection cover was the premium shock absorbing memory foam which can attenuate even stronger shocks, thus protecting the device against mechanical damage. The case is nicely constructed, although it’s an idea too big compared to the iPad size. However, if you need a bit of extra room for some accessories, you may find this in your advantage.
Lightweight and ultraslim, the CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Neoprene iPad sleeve features dual zippers for easier access, thus being ideal for carrying your iPad with you anywhere all day long. It’s only $15.92 at Amazon, and it comes in four color options: pink, red, blue and black.

Scratch Defense Neoprene Sleeve for the Apple iPad

Scratch Defense Neoprene Sleeve - iPad Case

Scratch Defense Neoprene Sleeve - iPad Case

If you want a case to snugly protect your iPad from scratches and to cost you less than $20, you can consider this Scratch Defense Neoprene sleeve as a very viable option.

The form-fitting neoprene material has good shock absorbing properties and the sueded internal lining provides a cushion to keep the device safe inside. The sleeve is weather-resistant, thanks to the multiple threaded neoprene layer. The zippered front pocket can accommodate a few other accessories, so you can have everything you need at hand, when you need it.

As you can see, one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on accessories for enjoying a great iPad experience. If you’re rather the frugal style, go for one of these cheaper options, as you have nothing to lose: all of them offer great protection for your iPad. Although they don’t look and feel as exquisite as the premium leather cases that cost 10 times as much, we much confess that we found them pretty attractive and elegant, good go-anywhere solutions to keep your iPad looking new for a very long time. You can find this case at

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