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Aligata Perfect Black iPad Case, OpenA couple of days ago we received a beautifully handmade Aligata Perfect Black iPad case for review. I’ve used it since it arrived and love it. This case should be a good fit for either the iPad or iPad 2.

The case is handmade by Tom from Aligata, and the personal touch is really nice, you experience it from the moment the case arrives. After opening the FedEx Box I found a stiff cardboard envelope inside with an informative tag from Tom. Inside the cardboard protection was the leather case, carefully wrapped inside a soft, raw cotton pouch.

The Aligata Perfect Black is made of very thick, 2 – 3 mm genuine bovine leather. You can feel it and smell it! I mean, both in you hand – it is quite heavy, almost 450 grams – and in your nose – the smell of such a mass of thick, sturdy leather is great.

Perfect Black has been made of top corrected grain leather. The surface is very nice, and along with the black stitching makes this case very elegant, just perfect for business use.

Despite the sturdy construction and very thick leather used, the case fits the iPad pretty well. There is also a small disc made of soft plastic attached to the case just beneath the iPad. This extremely simple solution (patent pending according to Aligata) works amazingly well – the iPad sits firmly in the case and does not slip off of it through the open edge.

The edges of Perfect Black are designed to protect the device against the impact of falls. I did not dare to test it on my iPad, but the construction is very sensible – the letter C shaped leather edge acts as a “trampoline” which should absorb much of any impact.

Aligata Perfect Black iPad CaseThe case allows convenient access to all the iPad ports and buttons – the cut-outs in the leather are the right size. The OK button is easily accessible and the ambient light sensor is exposed. The functionality of the iPad is in no way reduced by this beautiful case.

Should I say the device looks great and classy in the case? Just take a look at the pictures (Click to Zoom!). If you are in the market for a beautifully constructed leather iPad case then this could be the one for you. You can order yours from Tom at Aligata.

Aligata Perfect Black Leather iPad Case , 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings